Digitally Splitting a Photo Across Pockets

Pocket Pages: Digitally Splitting Photos Across Pockets

I love the look of BIG photos on pocket pages. To get the look on paper, you would print the photo in a large size and then cut it into segments to fit into the page pockets. Doing it digitally is super simple — and has the added bonus of being completely adjustable if you don’t like how the pockets are aligned.

First, open your preferred pocket page template. (I’m working with Traci Reed’s 365 Unscripted: Stitched Grids.) Using the Move tool and holding down the CTRL key, select each pocket space that you would like the photo to go in by clicking on the layer.

Select “merge layers” from the Layers menu.

Open your photo and drag it onto the canvas using the Move tool. In the layers palette, place the photo layer directly above the photo squares layer.

Clip the photo to the photo squares layer (Layers>Create Clipping Mask). Adjust the size of the photo, as needed and move it around the pockets until it looks how you want it to look.

Finally, add stitching, pockets or word art to finish the page.

And that’s it! A focal page is a great addition to a pocket album. I think it would be neat to include a weather photo at the start of each new season. It’s also a super-easy way to finish off a two-page spread when you have a week with few photos.