QR Codes

If you have listened to this month’s Daily Digi Digest podcast, you’ll remember that Steph asked Peppermint about where she stores her videos that she put on her layouts via QR Codes. I had planned on sharing a bit more about QR Codes and thought that this would be a great time.

It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing QR Codes, but for those who might not be familiar, here’s the simple definition.

“A machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.”

On your phone or tablet, you can download a QR Code reader (there are free ones). Then, you just hold your phone up to the code and it will take you right to the URL that is embedded in the code.

When I first read about using QR codes on layouts (from a blog post by Traci Reed), I was instantly overwhelmed with the way that this could change and enhance scrapbooking.

Here are a few great ways to use QR Codes on layouts:


YouTube clips

Personal videos


Fun commercials


Recipes (such as my Ranch Turkey Burgers layout)

Blog posts (including comments)

Online manuals

Photo galleries (for example, if you had a family photo shoot and only put a few photos on your layouts, you could link to the whole session)

A few things to consider:

In the DDD podcast, Peppermint mentioned some of the issues with deciding where to store the videos. She recommends YouTube because it is the most likely place to keep the links forever. However, you could choose to direct the QR code to a place on your personal computer. Listen to the podcast for more thoughts on where to store the video/URL.

Technology is changing so fast that there is no guarantee that your codes will work forever. Remember this when you put them on your layouts. They are fun now and a great way to enhance your layouts but your grandkids may one day be very confused!

Here are a few great places to read more about using QR codes:

Capturing Magic: Easily Adding Videos to a Photo Book using QR Codes

Traci Reed Designs: Add Video to Your Project Life

Fabulously Artsy: More Fun With QR Codes

Happie Scrappie: Adding QR Code to Your Pages

Britt-Ish Designs: Using QR Codes in Your Digital Layouts

And here are some great examples of pages with QR Codes (all linked to source)