Top 5 Reasons Why I Loved NOT Bringing My dSLR on Vacation

Top 5 Reasons Why I Loved NOT Bringing My dSLR on Vacation

A few weeks ago, my family and I went on a vacation. Our week long adventure included plenty of pool time, visiting family, and a couple of special trips to the Zoo and a theme park.

Being a memory keeper, vacation photos are very important to me. I love the process of taking the photos, editing them, curating a selection for albums, and, of course, scrapbooking them. So when I say that I loved NOT bringing my my dSLR on my vacation, it’s a big deal!

Part of the reason that I decided to go with no dSLR, and rely only on my iPhone, was that I knew I’d be taking most of my photos in the harsh daylight and that most, if not all, of my shots would be documentary snapshots. The iPhone does a great job of taking snaps and I am very happy with the vacation photos I have!

Please Stay On Path


A couple of snapshots from the theme park…

So, with that in mind, here are the Top Five Reasons Why I Love NOT Bringing My dSLR on Vacation:

Reason 1: There was no gear to carry and secure

My dSLR bag is heavy and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Even if I pared down to just a mid-range zoom and a wide-angle prime and an external flash, the camera bag is still a noticeable weight, especially by the end of a big day of sight-seeing.

I was also worried about the possibility of theft because I would have to stow my pricey dSLR gear in a locker to go on rides at the theme park.

By going with just my iPhone, I was able to use this little neck pouch to hold it and some ID and cash. That meant I didn’t even need a purse at the theme park. So freeing!


Reason 2: Sharing photos with my husband meant we had a complete album

Each night when we were back at the hotel, I used airdrop to take my husband’s photos and add them to my iPhone camera roll.

He and I set up a shared photo stream through iCloud. After I edited the photos, I added them to that album and then we both had instant access to them.

polar bear

Reason 3: Editing photos on phone apps was a time-saver and fun!

Sharing a hotel room with kids is tricky. They go to bed so much earlier than Mom and Dad, so we’re left sitting awake in a dark room! But, since I had all of my photos on my iPhone, I passed the time going through the pictures and choosing my favourite ones to edit.

I mostly stuck with PicTapGo for photo editing. I like that app because I can create favourite editing “recipes” and then just apply that recipe to all my photos. It is such a time-saver!


Canada Day

I also used the Instaweather to make fun images like this one to show the weather we were having while on vacation.


Reason 4: Sharing photos was easy

Because the photos were already on my phone, it was easy to send them to Facebook and to share them with family.

Here’s a photo of my husband and 8 year old daughter after they rode the roller coaster in the background. She’s elated and he is…never doing that again! I had to send this picture to our family right away – it was too good not to share!


Reason 5: The photos were ready to scrapbook as soon as I was home!

By the time we got home, I had selected all of my favourite pictures and edited them. So, I was able to take fun shots like this one of a lion at feeding time:


…and quickly and easily scrapbook a page about our trip!

Zoo Day

Have you (or would you) ever take a vacation with only a camera-phone?