Picture Perfect


Welcome back to Kim of Kimeric Kreations! I love Kim’s shabby and weathered design style and was so excited about her contribution this month! I love the bright colors along with the beige and gray. I also LOVE the theme and can think of sooo many memories that can be scrapped with this collection! Let’s take a closer look at “Picture Perfect” that is included in
The Digi Files this month:

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of
The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Kimeric Kreations’s contribution:


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Picture Perfect by Kimeric Kreations.


Layout by Rachael. Supplies: Picture Perfect by Kimeric Kreations.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Picture Perfect by Kimeric Kreations; Fonts: Mom’s Typewriter, DJB Tell Your Story.


Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Picture Perfect by Kimeric Kreations.


Layout by Anne. Supplies: Picture Perfect by Kimeric Kreations; Fonts: Baskerville.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


I’m Kim Lichtfuss from a little town in Southwestern Wisconsin. My ‘partner in crime’ (so to speak!) is Eric, and together we go on adventures in our area – there is always something to see, somewhere to go! Eric loves to take photo’s of everything . . . and I get most of my palettes from those images. I love to work with color! When I’m not designing you can find me in my garden spots, crafting, cooking, reading – and listening to my favorite tunes from the ’70’s.



I started making cards this past fall – and fell in love with the possibilities! Using recycled cardstock, old fabric and lace pieces and a few things printed out from my own products makes for some wonderful one of a kind cards! I like “original” and “one of a kind” things – so making my own cards was a fun project, and something I continue to do. All you need are a few supplies (Mod Podge will be your best friend!) a little time, tossed with some creativity and imagination!



I ‘found’ digital scrapbooking while searching the net for images/inspiration for some web based projects Eric and I were working on back in 2008. I began exploring the possibilities, and although jumping from 72 dpi to 300 dpi was a new experience (who needed files this big??? lol), I kept at it. I can’t even begin to tell you (nor do I want to!) about all the mistakes/learning processes I went through over the years! I joined a few Creative Teams to gain some experience with working with products….to see how things ‘flow’ and work together. This was an invaluable experience! I have been a memory keeper for what seems like forever – starting with spiral notebooks back in high school that I journaled and doodled in, then going full force when my husband died in 1986. I needed a way to keep his memory alive for our kids – who were so very young then (10, 3, 2 and 6 weeks) and would never have a chance to know their father.


Color, music and everyday surroundings! I draw inspiration from photo’s, a book I’m reading or something as simple as a single image on Pinterest.


Computer: Gateway PC , 1.5 TB overall memory, 7 GB Ram, 64 bit, Windows 7 OS. Just one monitor, but its a big old thing – 27″ flatscreen.

Program: I’m still very “old school”. I started with Paint Shop Pro v 9.1, and still use it everyday (although I do have every version after that up to v. 14). It’s a very powerful design tool, and I know it inside and out! I did cave in, however, when I saw all those ‘oh so cool’ styles for Photoshop – and purchased PSE (now version 11). I only use that program for styles/actions and saving templates to tiff formats.

Camera: Just a plain old Kodak point and shoot, but we are currently drooling over a very cool Nikon with some awesome features at the moment…

Anything Else: I have a Bamboo tablet that I use for drawing, and also use Xara Design Pro for drawing.


The best tip I can give anyone is to learn your program – the best you can! There are so many tutorials out there for new ways to do things, new tricks, new addon’s, you name it. Keep current!


Butterfly Kisses is very special to my team and I for different reasons – it came to be when several on my team were going through some very serious personal issues – and was meant to be used to help express the feelings involved with those issues. I choose the colors from a gorgeous sunset image I had on hand – that worked well to help express feelings and emotions. The layouts that came from that kit were awesome…and it will always be one of my favorite products.



Scrap Therapy came to be after a discussion with my Creative Team about how and why we like to create – and how therapeutic it can be. Scrapping can be a great stress reliever! So I put the collection together, using colors my team enjoys – and Scrap Therapy was born. It’s an all-time favorite just because its very versatile, is filled with color and fun elements.


Here are some of my favorite products by Kimeric Kreations:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Kimeric Kreations’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







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