Downloading YouTube Videos

While we were living in Indonesia, our internet came from the school where my husband worked. There was a tower at the school and a tower on the roof of our house, and the signal was beamed from tower to tower (technology still amazes me!) It was a great setup because it meant free internet for us, but it did come with some setbacks.

The two biggest problems were that it was slow and that we had to live with the school firewall settings. The settings blocked many sites during school hours, and this included YouTube. It was frustrating at times.

And then I found a solution. Maybe this is common knowledge but it was new to me: you can download YouTube videos! And although I am back in the States with great internet, it is actually a very useful bit of knowhow. I can let the kids watch things without them having access to the internet. I can put videos on my tablet to watch in the car. I can save videos for later. It’s really handy!

First, find the video you want to download. For our example, I am using my video Making a Template Work for You.

Go up to the web address and type “ss” after the www. and before

Then click return.

It will bring you to a screen that looks like this:

On the right you will see the download links. There is a button that says MORE. If you click that, you can see all the options you have for downloading. Choose the one you want, tell the site where to save it, and done! Now you’ll be able to watch all of your favorite youtube videos anytime you want, without an internet connection.