Protecting Privacy by Blurring Photo Pockets

Pocket scrapping is my favourite way of capturing everyday life and I love browsing the galleries for pocket album inspiration and sharing my own pages. But when we’re sharing everyday life, it’s important to protect important identifying details. That can be tricky in an album dedicated to the little moments of real life. For me, I know that if I had a great photo of my kids in front of their school that I wanted to use in my pocket album, I’d still use it. I would just blur the photo for the web version. It’s really simple!

Let’s start with this photo, which I don’t mind sharing. I baked some delicious cookies and the kiddos loved ’em! (I found the recipe here, by the way. So good!)

In the Filter>Blur menu, select Gaussian Blur. Adjust the slider until the photo looks blurred enough for you to be comfortable sharing it.

This is how it turns out:

There! In less than 10 seconds the picture is ready to post to the galleries. This trick is especially useful for photos of other people’s kids that you don’t want to post to the web.

Do you blur photos or alter layouts to protect privacy for sharing on the web?