Dressing Up Black & White

One of the best things about digital scrapbooking is the ability to change papers and elements to suit our tastes. We can take a piece of paper and use it multiple times and in multiple ways. Changing sizes, colors, orientation, and more offers us amazing flexibility.

A while back, Shawna Clingerman came out with an awesome set of black and white papers that I just loved. I saw so much creative potential in them. They are gorgeous as-is, but I also knew that that they would be super easy to customize, offering me endless options!

I had so much fun playing with them!

First, I took this fun wavy paper and added some bright pops of color.

This took just seconds. I used my magic wand tool and clicked inside the wave I wanted to color. Then I chose Edit > Fill Selection and then chose Foreground Color and clicked OK.

I then repeated for the remaining parts I wanted to color.

I then used it bright and happy paper (as well as the typed paper) in my layout.

The next time I used these papers, I decided to use the pattern to make my own paper. I had some photos of my daughter helping me make tortillas and I thought the circle paper would be great.

Again using my magic wand tool, I clicked on the black in the paper. Then I went to Select > Similar so that all of the black on the paper would be selected. With the black pixels all selected, I hit Command C (copy) and then Command V (paste) so that the circles would now be on their own layer.

Next I chose some papers from Life Stories: This Girl by Kristin CB and Zoe Pearn. I chose the cream woodgrain print for my background and the pink solid paper for my circles. I used a clipping mask to clip the pink paper to my circles and then I adjusted the opacity of the layer until I was happy. Presto! Done. Adding the rest to my layout took just a few minutes.

So how about you? Do you alter your supplies to make them work for you?