Quickly Adding a Stroke to Lots of Photos

A long time ago, I told you about My Most Used Scrapping Trick. Adding a border to photos is a great way to make them pop!

Although the trick that I am going to share with you may seem obvious, I have found that sometimes the most obvious tricks pass me by unnoticed. So I thought I would share a little tip on adding a stroke to lots of photos.

I create a lot of two page layouts with lots of photos. I just figure it is a bigger bang for my scrapping buck. I have lots of kids and lots of photos and not a lot of time to scrap. Plus, I am a storyteller in my scrapping and I use photos to tell a story. That often means that there are many photos.

Sometimes on a layout with lots of photos, especially if there is a dark background, the photos can get kind of lost on the page. Adding a border to each photo helps significantly.

In this layout, for example, I have ten photos. I love the story that they tell but with the dark orange patterned paper, I feel like the edges of the photos get lost. So, I decided to add a border to each photo by adding a stroke.

Instead of adding the stroke to each photo individually in situations like this, I speed the process up.

Once I am done with my layout and my photo placement and I am sure I have the photos I want, I select all the photo layers and merge them into one. I press Command (Control on a PC) and then select each of the photo laters in my layers palette. Then I hit Command E to merge them.

As you can see, all my photos are on one layer now. This makes adding a stroke quick and easy. I do it just like I would when I add a stroke to just one photo.

I press Command and then click on the thumbnail of the photo layer in the layers palette. This selects all the pixels in the photo layer.

With the selection ready, I got to Edit > Stroke (Outline) Selection.

I then select my color (white) and stroke width (25), being sure to choose INSIDE for the stroke location. See this post for the reasoning behind choosing INSIDE.

And DONE! Rather than going through that process ten times with each photo, I just have to do it once! I then add my shadow to the one big photo layer, and I call my layout done.

Do you have any little tips or tricks that make your scrapping go faster?