Inspiration is Everywhere: Amazon Wish Lists

It’s no secret that I love Amazon and that I can also find inspiration for scrapbooking just about anywhere. I am realizing more and more that the simple, routine, and often mundane things in our lives that we rarely give much thought to are actually a big part of our lives. These seemingly unimportant things fill in the details of our story. In English class we are taught to use adjectives and prepositions to take the reader from “the barn” to “the beautiful red barn just over the wildflower covered hill.” The details make the story.

And so as I strive to tell the story of my life through my scrapbook pages, I am always looking for little hiding spots that share details I might otherwise miss or forget. Given the amount of time and money I spend on Amazon, I knew there had to be a story there.

I decided to focus on just one aspect of my love for Amazon, and that is its wish lists. I LOVE the wish list feature. For books especially, I have a rule that I don’t let myself buy a new book until I finish what I have. This keeps me from spending extra money as well as buying lots of books that I never get a chance to read. With Amazon wish lists, when I find a book I want to read (often from a post about it on Facebook or on a blog), I throw it on my wish list. When I finish my current book, I just hop on Amazon and browse my list. It’s interesting to look through the many books I have there because I can almost retell my story of the last few years by looking at what I was interested in. I go through stages and obsessions and my wish list gives a little glimpse of my current focus.

To create my page, I simply went to my wish list and took screen shots of a few items that really represent the “now” of my life. I LOVE “slice of life” pages like this!

P.S. I also really love that you can shop from other people’s wish lists. You can search Amazon by email address and then look through their wish list. I did a lot of Christmas shopping that way!

What about you? Do you use Amazon Wish Lists (or any other site’s wish list?) Do you think it tells part of your story?