Intentional Memory Making for your Summer


It’s one of my favorite words. It means, “done on purpose; deliberate.” I love the word because for me, it totally captures the essence of what I am trying to do in my family. I think far too many people live their lives with a “we’ll see what happens” or “I’m sure it will turn out” mindset. That thought process often keeps us from actually doing what we want. It is too easy to wake up one day and all the we wished and hoped for didn’t happen because we didn’t make it happen.

As you start preparing for your summer and as you start planning all of the things you want to do, let me encourage you to be intentional. Do things on purpose. Be deliberate. Don’t just want for the magical experiences of summer and childhood to find their way to you, chase after them!

Here are a few tips for intentional memory making this summer:

1. Ask yourself some questions:

  • What fun things are in our town that we have always wanted to do?
  • What things do the kids always ask about?
  • What activities would be good for our whole family?
  • What can we do that is inexpensive and doesn’t involve a screen?
  • Are their fun things we can do with food?
  • Are their other people we want to be part of our summer fun?
  • What will I regret not doing?

2. Gather ideas. Summer bucket lists are a great way to start. Just searching Pinterest for “summer bucket list” will reveal hundreds ideas from other people. The list are a great way to get you to start dreaming and planning. Your kids will love being a part of the summer fun planning.

3. DON’T STOP THERE. It’s easy to be proud of ourselves and our newly posted picture on Facebook of all the fun we are going to have this summer. But I know from experience that wanting to do something and actually doing it are two different things.

4. Look at your list of dreams for the summer and pick a FEW that are realistic and doable. Don’t feel like you have to accomplish 100 different things in order to have a “great” summer. In all honesty, one big activity or craft a week and a few smaller fun things around the house are more than enough. As a homeschooling mom I always say, “The best curriculum is the one that gets used.” Likewise, the best bucket list activities are the ones that get done.

5. Put those few bigger items ON YOUR CALENDAR. Tell your kids (they won’t let you forget). Make reservations if needed. Schedule days off of work for you or the hubby. Whatever it takes, pick a day to make it happen. As the saying goes, “There are seven days in the week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them.”

6. Pick a few other smaller activities and make sure you have what you need on hand. Maybe you like to bake. If so, make sure you have purchased the baking supplies you need. Maybe you want to do crafts. If so, gather the supplies you need. Being prepared is one of the best ways to make sure intentions lead to actions.

7. Always be on the lookout for moments that present themselves. Being intentional doesn’t always mean planning ahead. It means choosing to seize a moment and make it special. It might mean seeing your daughter coloring on the floor and getting down to join her. It might mean noticing your son has to get up for work soon and bringing him a cup of coffee to his room. It might mean seeing your tired husband and telling him that you and the kids will wash the cars while he gets some rest. Keep your eyes open and the magic will appear.

So what do you have planned for your summer? This post has a few ideas to Make and Capture Summer and for years our kids really enjoyed our Jar of Fun.