Experimenting with White Space Design

I have a scrapbooking comfort zone. Generally speaking, I start with a photo and build a blocked, linear page. It’s the easiest thing for me to make and they are very readable pages when I print them out in 8×8 inches for my album. I’ve written about this style a few times:

It’s my go-to style because it takes the guess-work out of designing a page and I can incorporate a lot of journalling and as many photos as I need, or leave room for embellishments.

The most difficult pages for me to make are pages with small photos and lots of white space. I have a hard time deciding when the page is “enough”. There are some scrapbookers who have perfected this style. I could stare at their pages for ages, amazed at how they can turn just a few well-selected elements and a photo into such beautiful art.

I decided to challenge myself to leave my comfort zone, at least for a few pages. I grabbed some kits from the March Digi Files and made these white space style layouts.

Supplies: Blessed Life by Amber Shaw

Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings

Supplies: Giddy by Amy Wolff

I couldn’t hold back from adding a bit of journalling, but I didn’t add so much as to take away from the airy feeling of each page.

Do you know what I learned from trying white space design? First and foremost, I confirmed that I love big photos. I really want to go in an stretch out each page and make the photos much, much larger!

I also learned that designing white space layouts is easier if you stick to a Rule of Thirds design style, borrowing from the photography principle. I tried to keep the clusters grouped along the imaginary Rule of Thirds grid lines to give them strong placement on the page.

The hardest part about this style is choosing a very limited set of papers and elements from a kit. These kits were so full of amazing things, it took some time to choose just a handful of items.

So, after this experiment in white space design, I’m returning to my comfort zone! This was fun to try, but I definitely find fuller pages with large photos easier to do.

What is your scrapbooking comfort zone? What style would be hardest for you to try?