Folder Images on a Mac

I made the switch to Mac in late 2007. My Toshiba laptop died and it was time for a new computer. I had a choice to make. I wrestled for a while, but one trip to the Apple store settled the issue. I was going Mac. And you know what they say,

Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.

Although for days I kept saying, “It’s just so pretty!” I have to admit that I had some serious buyer’s remorse. I didn’t know how my computer worked. Doing work on a PC was deep in my muscle memory. I didn’t have to think about it…my hands just knew. And then all of a sudden, I was fumbling around on a beautiful machine, being frustrated that I couldn’t do the simplest of things.

I gave in and bought Switching to Mac for Dummies. I had some serious issues that I needed to resolve. It took a while, but my fingers figured it out and I fell deeply and devotedly in love with my Mac.

One of the issues I struggled with at the beginning was the ugly folder icons on all my files. As an avid digi scrapper, I wanted to see the beautiful kits inside all those blue folders. It took a little detective work, but I finally figured out how to change them.

So for you Mac girls (and those who want to be some day), pin this little tutorial. You’ll save yourself some time and frustration!

In the Finder window, you have the choice of how you view your files. I like to view as icons. But those blue folders that are there by default just have to go!

Doesn’t this look better?

Oh but wait! What is that ugly blue thing doing in my otherwise gorgeous sea of Kristin Cronin-Barrow kits?

Here’s how you fix it…

1. Go into the folder you want to change the look of. Choose the image you want to replace the blue folder with. In my example, I want to use the preview image inside the kit.

2. Right click on the image and choose Open With > Preview.

3. Once the image is open in Preview, click Command A (copy all) and then Command C (copy). Close the preview.

4. Take a step backward in your Finder window (the black arrow at the top left of your window). Then, right click on the blue folder icon and choose Get Info.

The following window will appear:

5. Click on the small blue folder icon in the top left hand corner of the window. The folder will highlight.

6. Click Command V (paste) to paste the preview image. Done!

And now your ugly blue folder is replaced with a beautiful kit preview!

It really only takes about 15 seconds of your time…totally worth it!

What issues did you struggle with when you first switched to Mac? If you are considering the switch, what holds you back?