In Praise of Simple Scrapbooking

The pages my family likes the best are simple, blocked pages. My husband likes pages that showcase the photos and journalling. The kids are mostly interested in seeing their photos, especially from “when they were little”. They love to hear me retell their stories to them when we look at my scrapbook pages. For my 4 year old son, the page design is almost irrelevant. For my 7 year old daughter, she’s happy as long as there are a few flowers or butterflies or lots of pink and purple.

I’ve spent the past month scrapbooking some very simple pages. I started with a rectangular photo or two, and then added blocks for journalling. I filled out the page design by adding more paper blocks to create a basic, linear page design. You can read more about my process for blocked scrapping here:

Love You

Supplies: A Happy Family: Lovin’ Life by Traci Reed and Shawna Clingerman

Rainbow Loomer

Supplies: Her Own Drummer by Robin Carlton and Libby Pritchett


Supplies: Rise And Shine by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Studio Basic, Pocket Life: January Roller Dates by Traci Reed, DJB Fonts: Project Storyteller Font Pack by Darcy Baldwin

Happy Birthday

Supplies: Memorable: Birthday by Kristin Cronin-Barrow & Zoe Pearn

All of the above pages show how a simple blocked page can be easily made to display a special photo and its story.

Below is a photo-less blocked page I made recently. I wanted the story to be the star of the page so I choose the blocked style, a themed kit, and used elements sparingly.

False Alarm

Supplies: Fire Lane by Heather Roselli, DJB Fonts: Project Storyteller Font Pack by Darcy Baldwin

I enjoyed making all of these clean, simple pages. I am so happy that the photos and memories are captured in my scrapbook. It was a bonus for me that making these clean pages helped me find some of the creative motivation I have been missing for a while. Now I’m ready to scrapbook!

I should add that, from time to time, I also love making a big, full and fun clustered style pages and laying on many layers of paint, papers, and elements. I think there is a place for both styles in my scrapbook album.

Do you enjoy scrapping simple, clean pages? Or do you like making pages with more elements and other creative choices? Do you change style from page to page?