Organizing Completed Layouts

One thing that has always amazed me about the scrapbooking community is how we all do things in our own — and often very different — ways. Oftentimes we just get started doing things a certain way and that’s how we keep going.

I love to see how other people deal with different challenges and methods in scrapbooking. I often learn a lot and I sometimes find new and better ways to do things.

So today I thought I would let you peek into my computer and see how I organize my completed layouts. Obviously there are lots of ways to do this, but this method has served me well for the last nine years!

Here’s a quick peak into my organizing system

It’s really pretty simple. In my documents folder, I have a folder called
SCRAPBOOK PAGES. Within this folder I multiple folders. All of them are titled NEW AS OF (last printing date). Once I have a batch of pages printed, I start a new folder so that it is easy to tell which layouts haven’t been printed yet. Because this is the folder where I will be throwing all of my new layouts, I put it on my sidebar for easy access.

Inside the
NEW AS OF MAY 24 folder I have all of my .jpeg images. These are the pages that are ready for printing. You can see that all of my two pages layouts have been “cut” into two 12×12 pages. Having these all ready makes it easy when it is time to print (usually when Persnickety Prints is having a sale).

Also inside this folder, I have two other folders:

All of my photoshop (layered) files are in the
PSD FILES folder. I keep these so that if I need to go back and fix something, I still have the option to do so. Within this folder I also keep special project folders (such as an album).

Inside the
WEB album, I have all of my layouts that have been resized and sharpened for web.

I also have another folder called
NEW TO POST. These are pages that I haven’t posted online yet. I don’t tend to post right away, so this folder builds up and then I will occasionally post to the web (Facebook and/or galleries). Once I post them, I move them back into the regular WEB folder.

So you can see that my method isn’t complicated but it sure does make life easier! When I complete a layout, it just takes a few minutes to save all three versions (.psd, .jpeg, and WEB) and put them where they belong. At just a glance I can know what layouts I need to print, which ones have been posted, and which ones I still need to share. I am always “print ready” which makes taking advantage of a sale really easy!

So how do you organize your layouts?