Scrapping Great Quotes

My little girl Katie is hilarious. Seriously. The stuff that comes out of her mouth just leaves me speechless. I keep a running log of her quotes on Facebook, much to the delight of friends and family. Here are a few of her beauties:

Katie’s quote for the day: “If we had as many kids as the Duggars, I know what I would do! When it was Halloween and the kids came the door and said, ‘Trick or Treat!’ I would just give them one of the kids!”

During homeschool today: “I’m just a little girl! How am I supposed to know if ‘sun’ starts with a Sssss sound!”

A Katie quote for you (in her “when I was a mom” series): “When I was a mom, all of us wrestled (except the babies!) and I just banged them all down! And sometimes the daddy would help!”

KATIE: “Mama, can you put my hair up in two things?”
ME: “You mean pigtails?”
KATIE: “Yea, pigtails. Except when I was a mom my kids called them bird frogs.”

KATIE (at dinner last night): “Please more everything…except pasta and bread.”
ME: “So you just want more water?”
KATIE: “Yep.”

So it’s 9:20 am and we are driving in the car. Katie asks why we are going home. I tell her, “Because we need to go home.” She then asks, “Is it night-night time?” “No honey, it’s still morning.” {Huge sigh from Katie} “Phew! That was a close one!”

You can see what I mean! The girl just cracks us up. For a long time I have been wanting to do something with all of her quotes. I’ve scrapped a few of them, such as

However, I knew that I didn’t have time to scrap all of them in the traditional way. I really wanted to find a simple way to get them altogether so that they could be printed in a book.

I decided to make myself a template that I can use for all of her quotes. When I write down a new one, I can easily drop it into the template, grab a recent photo, grab a few simple papers from one of my favorite kits, and be done.

It’s been so easy!

Here are a few pages I have put together (these are 16×8 two-page spreads)

The process was so smooth that I decided to get started on another project I have been dreaming of for years. A friend of our family posts a new quote on Facebook every day. They are always the bright spot in my morning. I have been wanting to gather some of my favorites and make a book for her. So, I took the template, got rid of the photo spot, and started gathering some of her recent posts from her Facebook page. It will take me a while to do enough to put in a book (but she has been doing it for three years so I have lots to choose from!) but I think it will be so fun to finally give it to her. Here is the cover:

And here are a few example pages:

So do you have a fun way to scrap quotes?