When we were getting ready to leave the States last summer, to return to our home in Asia, we were given a gift from some people who wanted us to get something for ourselves. With six children, it’s natural that all of our money gets spent on gifts for them while we pass each holiday with a, “Maybe next time” thought when it comes to gifts for ourselves. Our friends, however, wanted us to do something special with it. My husband and I agreed: a GoPro camera.

We had first seen these camera when a friend posted weekly recap videos from the summer camp where my husband and I met. We loved the fun and crazy videos they were able to take with a camera that has a 170° wide-angle lens, is shockproof, is waterproof to 197′ (60M), and is wearable and gear mountable. So fun!

Since buying ours, we see them everywhere! The kids love to be on the lookout for them in TV shows and in movies. They are often mounted to the hood of cars, on the front of motorcycles, or even on strollers.

The camera takes both still photos and video, which we love.

Here are a few still photos:

A few things to note:

  • After reading reviews, I decided to purchase the dive casing. You can use the regular casing underwater, but people had mixed reviews. Since we were leaving the States and wouldn’t be able to change our minds later, we just went ahead and got it.
  • The camera is small! The whole thing is about 2x3x1 inches!
  • This one caught me off guard: there is no viewfinder at all! You just hold it out there and click. With the 170° wide-angle lens, you tend to get what you are hoping for.
  • It is definitely not a video camera that can replace your regular camera. The audio is very quiet in some instances and very loud in others. But keep in mind that it was designed for sports and action (and therefore it doesn’t want to pick up every sound!)

We haven’t gotten to play around with it as much as we would have liked, but we have done we have had so much fun with. I can’t wait to test it out more. My husband and two older sons just got back from a trip to Legoland Themepark and Waterpark (in Malaysia) and had a blast with it.

Our first experiences with it were during our month-long stay in Cambodia. We took a lot of trips to the pool!

So what would you do with a GoPro camera?