Affordable and Easy Custom Wedding Guest Book – DIY

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about the DIY photo booth I created for a friend’s wedding. I also created a guest book (guestbook) for that wedding that I thought I would share.

My friend’s daughter wanted a guest book with photos of her and the groom, but lines for guests to sign their names on. I knew that AdoramaPix would be the perfect solution. AdoramaPix’s photo books have super thick pages (almost a thin chipboard). Here are some previous posts we’ve done about AdoramaPix books quality:

They sent me a bunch of photos to choose from and I got to work. I was able to complete the whole book, from start to finish in 1-2 hours. The most difficult part was selecting the photos I wanted to use.

The first thing I did was select one of the premade guest book templates at AdoramaPix. I used the default size (26 pages, I believe). I figured out how many photos I would need, based on the photo spots in the template, selected the photos, uploaded them, then started dragging and dropping photos into the template.

After the photos were placed, I worked on making the book work with the bride and groom’s colors. The default colors of the book were black and cream. The wedding colors for this wedding were navy blue, emerald green, and cream. I grabbed hex codes from the blue and green I had used on the photo cards for the photo booth and was easily able to change the colors. (Note: if you are visiting for the first time and are unsure of what a hex code is, don’t worry about it, you can just use the color picker tool in AdoramaPix’s book builder).

It was super slick, and best of all, painless for me!

I let the bride choose the color of pen that their guests used to sign the book and she chose green:

I selected the option to have the photo book shipped in a keepsake box and this is what it looked like:

The total cost of the book, the box, and extra fast shipping (I had procrastinated just a wee bit) came to $54, not bad at all, especially considering the high quality of AdoramPix books!

Here are some more photos of the book:

Are you planning a wedding? Are you going to give AdoramaPix a try?