7 Childhood Details To Photograph

Details. I love details. Those little bits of life representative of today.

This moment. This time.

The toys my son plays with. The favorite stuffed animals. The cup he prefers. The chair he likes to sit in. Today’s favorites will be replaced with others as he grows. I convince myself I’ll remember them and then one day I realize I just can’t recall the small details anymore. This brain only has space for so much!

Are you thinking about the photos you want to take this year? Add childhood details to your list of photos, whether you plan to tuck them into a pocket page or create pages for an album. The beauty of life exists in the details and these details shouldn’t be missed.

There is a HUGE bonus to photographing details! No cooperation is needed. You can move your subject to good light and capture multiple angles, all without complaints from your subject.

A Favorite Stuffed Animal

My son has been given more stuffed animals than any one child should own! While many are special there are a few very special ones. I want to capture them now while I remember who gave them to him and what makes them special. His dragon is by far his favorite. Taking photos now makes it easier when they escape our home for other adventures.


I have a photo of the first block my son ever played with. The red soft one. It was the first toy he grasped. The first one he put to his mouth. The photo reminds me of that special moment. The block is gone, but the memory remains! What are the important toys for your little one?

Make sure you capture the most loved items. Whether it is the tricycle in the backyard or the special doll dragged around for years. Get them in their natural settings as well as in unique spots that highlight their details. Shoot in close to them and step back to get all of the details.

Art Projects

Overwhelmed with the number of art projects your child creates? Photograph them and compile them in one place. Give them good light and try shooting directly at them or placing them on the ground and shooting from directly above.

Games And Game Pieces

CandyLand, Shutes and Ladders, Don’t Break the Ice, Ants in the Pants. All of the parts and pieces make great subjects for photos. They are perfect candidates for a little macro photography.

Cooking Creations

We decorate a lot of cookies and cupcakes in my house. I’m so pleased to have my son’s pink frosting phase captured! Not only did it pass, he now insists pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Geez!


Do you read a book over and over again? Are there themes? Photograph the books you are reading to them now or that they are beginning to read to themselves (whether they really can or not). You’ll love seeing how the books change as they grow.

Shoes, Socks & Clothes

Little socks, little shoes, and little shirts all lead to bigger shoes, socks, and shirts! Capture the special clothing, bows, and buttons while they are being worn. Grab the swinging shoe with the tiny ankle and sock. The mismatched outfits, the high heels on little toes, all such a mark of right now. Trying shooting from the floor to get the best angle on little feet.

Things To Consider

When you shoot, try several different angles and perspectives. Move the object, move yourself. Try to see what your child sees in it. Change your focus up some. Focus on the big parts, the little parts. And if it has eyes, focus on the eyes! Then tuck them in or write about them all year long. You’ll be glad you have the details to remember.

What are your favorite childhood details to capture? Share in the comments below.