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I am thrilled to be welcoming Kim Jensen to The Digi Files for the very first time! I absolutely love Kim’s unique bits that she includes in her kits. I think my very favorite element of Kim’s is her stitched elements. They are full of chunky threaded goodness! Kim is a very talented designer and I really enjoyed visiting with her for the Daily Digi Digest:

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Let’s take a closer look at “Me Right Now” that is included in The Digi Files this month:

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Kim Jensen’s contribution:


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Me Right Now by Kim Jensen; Fonts: Ali’s Handwriting.


Layout by Ronnie. Supplies: Me Right Now by Kim Jensen; Big Title (Template) by Ardent Sparrow.


Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Me Right Now by Kim Jensen; Template #338 by Yin Designs; Font: Century Gothic. Photos by Jacki’s daughter.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Me Right Now by Kim Jensen; Mix of Masks #1 by Erica Zwart; Fonts: Traveling Typewriter, Baron Kuffner; Photo by Cheryl Curtis.


Layout by Rachael. Supplies: Me Right Now by Kim Jensen; Fonts: Traveling Typewriter and Indy Pimp.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
I’m Kim Jensen. I live in the Dallas, Texas area with Mark, my magical hubby of 22 years, and our two awesome kids – Matthew, 15 this month, and Kaylee, 11¾. I love sunshine and hate surprises. I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew and wish I could live on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I do kakuro puzzles every night to unwind. When I’m not designing, you will find me chauffeuring my kids around, avoiding housework, and trying to figure out how to freeze time so that I can get everything done.





I don’t scrap as often as I’d like these days. Most of the time things that don’t have a deadline just don’t get done. But in this case, I had so much fun creating this pack of brown bags that I just couldn’t wait to play with them. I laid out the bags first, playing with pattern and puzzling the pieces together. Then I pulled a handful of “moment” photos (my favorite kind) from a recent trip to visit family and just started layering them in and anchoring them down. I very rarely do black and white photos, but I loved the effect of the page being entirely in neutral colors, and the Black and White adjustment layers in Photoshop are awesome for pulling great contrast out of what could otherwise be pretty muddy photos.


My journey into digital scrapbooking and designing was a gradual evolution. When my son was a baby (1999) we got our first digital camera. In 2001 I started building cute (really basic) web pages to share the photos with friends and family. As I learned more, I started experimenting more with creating my own pieces to decorate the pages. I even entered some alpha design contests… and won a few. 🙂

In July of 2003 a friend sent me a link to Scrapbook-Bytes, saying it reminded her of the pages I did. I was instantly in love, and slowly my web pages began to take on a more and more “scrappy” feel, until I finally gave in and embraced the whole shebang. Designing at that point was still just a means to an end, creating what I needed for my pages.

I later found my way to RAKScraps, dove head first into the community there, became a moderator, and then when the opportunity arose, applied for their creative team – mainly so that I would get to play with all the yummy sponsor kits. But the team at that time was an all-in-one deal, so that meant that I would also need to design product for the members (gulp). I was surprised to find that I had a blast doing it, and after about a year, the site owners invited me to sell at their store, ScrapDish. I joined the designers there and posted my first kit for sale in March of 2006. I stayed until the site was sold and I moved to The Lilypad at the beginning of 2012. 🙂

My inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources… colors, photos, advertising, and lots and lots of “stuff”. I have a large collection of random bits of what most people would consider trash – things I’ve saved just because I like the texture or can imagine what they would look like torn up and stapled together. I also just enjoy the process! I love experimenting with new techniques, both digital and physical.

Computer: Alienware Aurora R4, Windows 7, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-3820 CPU, 3.60 GHz. Primary monitor is a 27″ Asus MX279. Secondary is whatever functional hand-me-down monitor we have on hand, currently a 20″ HP 2009m. I use UltraMon software to help manage the dual monitor setup.
Program: I do 95% of everything in Photoshop CS6. I occasionally use Illustrator CS4 to draw.
Camera: I have a Nikon D50 and a Canon PowerShot SD 600. Both are showing their age, and I would probably be looking at replacing them if I used them anywhere near as much I should.
Anything Else: Love using a tablet for absolutely everything! I currently have a small Wacom Bamboo Fun CTE-450. It’s wearing out, and since I’ve shifted to two widescreen monitors I’m finding that it’s not quite wide enough to be as accurate, so hopefully I’ll be upgrading to a slightly bigger one soon. I’m left-handed but learned to mouse right-handed, so the tablet sits to the left of my keyboard, and I have an ergonomic Evoluent VerticalMouse to the right.

I use an Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanner for capturing most of my handcrafted elements and papers. I also got a Silhouette Portrait for my birthday last year that has come in handy a few times. 🙂

Non-destructive editing is amazing for anyone who loves keeping their options open. I almost always use layer masks, adjustment layers, and smart objects with filters to change things in Photoshop without worrying that I’ll have to start over if something doesn’t turn out just the way I want. With my indecisiveness and tendency to endlessly tweak, non-destructive editing saves me from completely freezing in the face of having to alter a photo or element. If only I could use adjustment layers on my home, maybe my walls wouldn’t still be builder beige! LOL

The dreaded “favorite” question. I put so much heart into everything I make that they are all special to me for different reasons. If I have to choose today, I would say Damaged Goods. This pack started with the piece of notebook paper that went through the laundry in my son’s pocket. It had such an amazing texture. (The one downside of digital is that you can’t touch things like that paper!) I spent weeks collecting random bits to add to the set – my childhood dolls that hadn’t survived the heat of being stored in our Texas attic, a bicycle reflector found in the park, the peeling stickers on the custom vintage crate that a magic stage illusion travels in (hubby is a collector of all things magic). I’ve seen this pack used to scrap everything from fun pages about a child’s messy room to deeply personal scrap therapy pages, and each one makes me so glad that I’m able to design something that helps people express themselves.

My best-selling products are my collabs with amazing Kate Hadfield, but I think she gets most of the credit for that. 😉 One of my most popular individual products is my original Stringbats pack. It started out as just an experiment, as I was playing around with some yarn. It took a lot of patience to create the pieces for that set, since at that time I didn’t even have a proper yarn needle, so I stitched them by pulling the yarn through cardstock with a teeny tiny latch hook meant for fixing snags in clothing. LOL I think the handcrafted factor along with the versatility of the basic shapes make it a go-to pack for a lot of different pages.


Here are some of my favorite products by Kim Jensen:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Kim Jensen’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






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