Using Card Templates on Non-Pocket Pages

Made using In My Life by Studio Basic

I’m always wondering if I’m using my products to their full potential. I like to stretch my digital supplies by re-colouring, re-sizing and re-imagining their purpose. Part of the reason why I like pocket scrapbooking so much is because I can use my kits on a “regular” page and then turn around and use them on a pocket scrapbook page and have it look completely different.

Similarly, I can take a pocket-page geared product and use it on a regular page. I love photo collage templates for pocket pages. Here is a set by Lili Niclass at The Lilypad:

I thought it would be easy to use the template on a traditional page. I opened a template in Photoshop and selected all the layers:

Then I used the Move tool to drag it on a blank 12×12 canvas.

The template was only 4×4, so I englarged it to suite the larger page. (Katie talks about how to enlarge a template, including step-by-step instructions, in this post called My Favourite Template Trick.) Lastly I rotated the template because my photos were landscape orientation.

I used the lovely Studio Basic kit included in this month’s The Digi Files called In My Life to scrap the page:

And here’s the finished page:

Supplies: 4×4 Photo Templates No.1 by Lili Niclass, In My Life by Studio Basic Designs; Font is Papercute

I hope this helps you think of new ways to use your digital supplies!