After 500 Posts

Katie in 2010 and 2013

I’ve been writing for The Daily Digi since June of 2009 and I’ve written almost exactly 500 posts as of today. Wow! In my recent team interview with Steph for the Daily Digi Digest podcast (embedded at the end of the post), we wondered how many hundreds of pages I have scrapped as a team member and writer for TDD (The Daily Digi). I decided to go through and count – which was no easy task! Here are my stats and information you might find interesting:

  • I became a Daily Digi team member in May of 2009. I’m one of 6 people still with TDD who were on the first original team. The others are Steph, Janet, Jackie, Karen, and Amy.
  • My very first post was about power shopping and I still use the same tips and techniques today that I wrote about back in 2009.
  • I have created 185 digital scrapbook layouts as a team member for The Daily Digi. Most of them are in this Flickr setwith the newest ones at the beginning and the oldest ones at the end.
  • I have scrapped 310 digital layouts for my blog posts here at TDD. This is in addition to the 185 team layouts listed above. You can find most of them in this Flickr set. Again, they are sorted with the newest ones first and the oldest ones last. It was really fun for me to go back through all of them to see how much I’ve evolved and changed over the past few years!
  • Little did I know at the time that I joined up with Steph that I would be able to be involved in so many amazing things! A few of the accomplishments I’m most proud to have been a part of include; the free Digital Scrapbook Manual, the introduction of the Playbooks, guesting on and later co-hosting The Digi Show podcasts, and 10 exclusive collaborative kits that are given as member bonuses.

What can’t be counted are the number of phone calls and Skype sessions with Steph and the hours spent planning and brainstorming with her to make The Daily Digi the very best place for digital scrapbookers to be each and every day. There is a whole lot of time involved in being a DAILY site! Steph is amazing though, and never stops working to keep TDD moving forward and improving. She has an amazing vision and she has put together an incredibly talented team who all care so much about sharing their passion for real-life memory keeping. It has been such a blessing and a wonderful gift to work with her and to also develop a friendship with her that I know will always be part of my life.

So, you can imagine that it must be a little difficult for me to say that this is my last post (although Steph has said that the door will always be open for me). I’ve come to a time in my life when I have to shift priorities and I need more time for my family, especially my twenty year old son who has autism and is transitioning into adulthood. We are experiencing a window of time that is very crucial for him and his future, and that is where I need to be right now. I’m grateful for this opportunity, and I’m also happy that I can still remain here at The Daily Digi as a team member creating layouts and sharing tips in the playbook each month. I also will continue to do The Digi Show podcast with Steph and Peppermint. So you aren’t getting rid of me, 😀 but you will see less of me here on the blog and my behind-the-scenes work has come to an end. Steph and the team have already helped me transition those responsibilities and it’s all been very smooth.

Here’s my interview with Steph on The Daily Digi Digest podcast. I hope you will take a listen as we chat about digi scrapping and some of the great things we’ve been through together. You can listen right here on the blog, or subscribe in iTunes. Be sure to check out the past episodes where you can hear from many different digital designers, as well as some other Daily Digi team members. Good stuff!

I have truly loved my time as a writer here at The Daily Digi and I will miss the interactions with our readers that come with regular posting. I’m looking forward to a change in pace though, and I know there will be inspiration waiting for me here each day to help me document the new memories I’ll be making. Thank you sincerely to all who have read my posts and for all the nice comments left over the years. I’ve read and appreciated each one of them.