Low Light, Moving Children, And 15 Minutes of Quiet On Christmas Day

I love Christmas! It’s a beautiful opportunity for photographs with the excitement, lights, and unwrapping of presents. I love that moment on Christmas Day when you find yourself with a little quiet time (okay, it may only be 15 minutes, but I’ll take what I can get). It can be the perfect time to play with your camera or to check out any of the fun photography gear Santa may have left for you under the tree!

Whether you have 15 minutes of quiet, crazy low light scenes, or children who won’t slow down, here are a few Christmas Day posts to help you make the most of your Christmas Day photographs!

Photographing Christmas Morning

How To Solve Common Holiday Photo Problems

This is THE post for you if your photos are blurry, yellow, or boring.

How To Photograph The Magic of Christmas Morning

Need a little extra light help on Christmas morning? This is the post for you with tips for adding light with flash or making the most of your available light.

Grabbing A Litttle Time For Christmas Day Creativity

How To Photograph The Lights of Christmas

Have a little time to play? Create fun bokeh (those blurry lights in the background) using the lights of your Christmas tree.

How To Photograph Shaped Light Bokeh

Take a little extra step to create some shaped bokeh. (This may take more than 15 minutes!)

A Fun Way To Photograph Your Christmas Tree

Why should kids be the only ones who get to play on Christmas Day? Use this technique for a little extra holiday fun!

Using The Gifts Santa Leaves For You

Your Camera Manual Is Your Best Friend

Yep. Got a little time for some exploration. Jump into your camera manual, but with a plan.

What’s That Little Line Thingy?

Ready to make the most of your new camera (or the old one you’ve been hoping to use to its potential)? Figure this one out and you are on your way to shooting in Manual Mode! Go YOU!

5 Exercises To Improve Your Photography

Whether or not Santa brought you gear, a little intentional practice can help you improve your photography whether it’s Christmas Day or just a Tuesday!

Enjoy your day. Shoot with intention. And remember to set the camera down and soak up all the joy of Christmas!