It’s Not Too Late for a Happy New Year

I have a confession to make:

I have never sent a family Christmas Card.

Shocking, I know.

I could list all kinds of excuses such as living overseas, friends all over the world, and just being too busy. But really, I just never get around to it. I think this year, though, it may be too late to get Christmas cards in the mail but a Happy New Year card might just happen. The way I figure, any time in January would still be appropriate for a New Year card. Right?

So who is with me?

Let’s send everyone we know a bit of Merry Christmas Happy 2014!

Here is some inspiration for you. You can still order cards or be inspired to make your own. All images are linked to their original sources.

This card from Shutterfly is perfect!

I love the simple lists on this card. In a world full of chaos and busyness, this calm and serene card would be a welcome gift.

Chalkboards are still very popular and this card from Etsy is stunning with the black and pops of color. I love the top ten list as well.

Nothing says Happy New Year like bright and happy colors!

I think that this New Years Resolution card is such a fun idea!

If you have a lot of information to give, an infographic like this is sure to please!

I love this coutning down to a happy new year card and think it would be easy to make with my digi stash!

This card is so fun! Love the black hands with the gold cuff links.