December Moments to Capture

December moments

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While we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet (it’s tomorrow!), December is just right around the corner and I’m thinking about the many moments I will want to capture. With a month full of memory making opportunities coming up, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes and plan ahead. Fortunately, we have a ton of great resources right here at The Daily Digi to make this easier!


Check the calendar for holidays:


Check your personal events calendar:

Look for parties, events, birthdays, and even routine appointments. All of these will help you decide what December moments are most important to you to be captured. I still love Google calendar and rely on it to help me keep all of the schedules in my life straight!


Read through some of our past posts:


Think outside the box:

We discussed many different ways to approach holiday memory keeping in episode 107 of The Digi Show. I bet you will find at least one tip or idea that helps you take the pressure off during this busy season!

Be sure to check out Anna Aspnes’ unique approach to December Daily. She challenged herself to tell the stories of the year in December. It’s a great idea!


Make a list:

Jot down the ideas you got from the lists and links above and keep it somewhere you will see it throughout the next month. I’m going to keep mine on my iPhone for easy access. Don’t worry about doing every single thing on the list, keep it more as an idea reminder and get ready to enjoy a magical month ahead!