Our favorite camera bags

favorite camera bags


Are you always looking for the perfect camera bag? I’m a bit of a bag addict and I have spent a few years trying to find the perfect way to carry my bulky DSLR camera. I’ve found a few great options that are really great.

I love these custom made camera bag inserts.  Steph has talked about hers on The Digi Show and so I decided to order one for me and for my daughter last Christmas. They turn any bag into a camera bag or backpack. So useful!

camera bag inserts


Photojojo has a similar product that you can slip into any tote or backpack to get an instant camera bag. Great for travel!



Heddy uses a Lowepro SlingShot bag. She says “since my husband often carries the gear bag while I am shooting, I wanted something that he would be comfortable wearing. I like that the bag evenly distributes weight across the body and that it has room for my dSLR, external flash and a spare lens, as well as personal stuff (like keys and wallet). It has handy features like a rain cover, hidden pockets, size-adjustable gear dividers, easy access to the camera, memory card pockets, and external loops to carry a tripod. I’ve had the bag for a few years, use it often, and it is still like new. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of its construction.”



I love my Jo Totes Millie bag for when I want to bring my DSLR to a fancy event. They have all sorts of pretty designs at Jo Totes!

jo totes


Epiphanie also makes some fabulous camera bags and they even have some for men. These are all nice choices because they don’t scream “I’m a camera bag!” – they just look like a nice purse or bag.



There’s no rule that your camera bag has to be an official “camera bag”. Just find a bag that works for you! Vicki uses a “Vera Bradley backpack. Love that it doesn’t look like a camera bag and I can wear it without it getting in my way.”



If you are looking for a gift idea for your favorite photographer, consider getting them a fun new bag for their camera!