Combining Color + Black & White Photos on the Same Page

combining color with black and white photos

Black and White photos are so stunning on a layout and I love the way they look. I’m also a big fan of bright and colorful pictures. Thankfully, there is no need to choose one over the other – it’s absolutely fine to combine them both on the very same page. Team member Anne uses this technique often and I think you will agree that it is a fun and beautiful way to scrap! Here are some of her amazing layouts:

Anne november


well played


The River


Anne star


Å bygge høge tårn er skikkeleg gøy! Særleg når ein har hjølp av gode venner. MT er ivrig og vil gjerne lære bort kor lett og moro det er å vere byggmeister. Ein må vere både tålmodig og stø på handa, og ein må takle at heile bygg- verket plutseleg kan dundre i golvet. Da er det bare å byrje på han igjen. Som vanleg var MT mest ivrig, men det er ikkje tvil om at  også hadde det moro. Han var i alle fall ivrig til å gje MT pinnane etter kvart som høgda blei så stor at dei måtte finne ein stol for å få satt på dei siste bitane. Diggar storleg bildet der det går opp for dei at tårnet alt er høgare enn dei begge. Stort skal det vere! | 16.10.08</p> <p>Credits:<br /> Template from Slices of Life by Scrabook Lady<br /> Papers and elements from Miles of Smiles by Heater Rosellini</p> <p>Font:<br /> Typewriter Scribbled<br />


It’s kind of odd, but I do love snapping photos of cups and mugs when I sit down for a little break. This is my 2012 collection. </p> <p>Credits:<br /> Template by Nettio Designs (higly modified by me)<br /> Papers and elements by Karah Fredriks (part of the digifiles from February 2013)


Using a combination of different color treatments adds a lot of interest to the layouts and I bet you noticed that the black & white pictures stood out just a little bit more. This is a great way to call attention to some special pictures. The opposite can also be true – on a page with mostly black & white photos, the color prints seem to jump out.

Here are some fabulous examples from our Flickr group (all images are linked for credits)



Ronnie Navy










Ronnie howdy


Have fun mixing color + black & white photos, you will love the results!