Why I love Google Drive


Google Drive is one of my most used and favorite tools in both my personal and professional life. It’s easy to use, it’s free, and it just keeps on getting better. What a deal!


What is Google Drive?

Google Drive used to be called “Google Docs” and it was given a facelift and a lot more benefits when it changed names. It’s basically a place (in the cloud) where you can store documents, forms, files, and even photos and videos. You can access your drive from your computer and your devices OR from any computer or device if you simply login with your Google account. There are many impressive features – and you get 15 GB of storage for free!

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What do I use Google Drive for?

So many things! I don’t store my photos or videos on my Google Drive because I would fill it up in an instant, but I keep just about anything else I can think of in there. I love how easy it is to search for something I have filed, and I love that I can get to my stuff from any computer or device. I have only used about half of the 15 GB so far and I have a lot loaded into my drive.


I have a folder for each family member and they also share these so they can access the same information. I keep several other topic related folders. I share a few folders with Steph for Daily Digi planning purposes and Steph, Peppermint and I all share a folder for The Digi Show. The majority of my folders are just for my own use.

One of my biggest folders is for classes. This is where I store all of the pdf handouts that I get from taking online classes. I find that I’m much more likely to read and review the material from these courses when I have it filed in my Google Drive. When I use the app on my iPad, I can quickly see every pdf file.


I also have a folder for all of The Daily Digi Playbooks. I love being able to look through all of them at any time whether I’m on my computer, my phone, or my iPad.


How to use Google Drive

All you need to do is copy and paste a file into Google Drive or upload it using the interface within Google Drive. There are very clear instructions and a lot of help available on the site. There are also Google Drive apps available for several platforms of phones and tablets.



You can also use the create tab and create a document or file right in Google Drive. My son uses this feature to write papers for his schoolwork. Then his work is automatically backed up. You can do a lot more than just create documents!



If you haven’t tried Google Drive, I encourage you to take a look around. It’s a fabulous and free resource!