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Once again, we are welcoming ValC to The Digi Files!  ValC has a very artsy style in her designs.  A little bit of smudged paint, a little bit of smeared ink, and some very beautiful doodles are the heart of her kits. I continue to be blown away by the volume of scrapping Valerie is able to complete along with her designs!  It’s impressive, to say the least.  Let’s take a closer look at “ARTBook – Sibling Collection” that is included in The Digi Files this month:

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using ValC Designs’ contribution:

Layout by Ronnie. Supplies: ARTBook – Sibling Collection by ValC Designs; Stay Tuned by One Little Bird; Worn by Sahlin Studio; Sugar Town Veneer Pack by Tracy Martin.


Layout by Katie. Supplies: ARTBook – Sibling Collection by ValC Designs.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: ARTBook – Sibling Collection by ValC Designs; Tuesday Template 55 by Megan Turnidge.


Layout by Jacki. Supplies: ARTBook – Sibling Collection by ValC Designs.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
My name is Valerie, but most of my friend (online or IRL) and familly call me Val. I am the proud mum of two, M. who will be 8 next November and L. who is 3. Happily married to C. for the last decade or so. I am (we are) french and moved in Iceland in September 2002, where we are still leaving now. I am a Marine Biologist, fan of wild life. I am really thankful to live here, and don‘t imagine my life anywhere else…well, wait … maybe in some place…





Last year I made my first P365 (actually P366 🙂 )
As I did not want to carry my camera daily, I was supposed to shot only with my phone! that was my only rule for the project photo-wise, and I pick a template from Sue Cummings at Oscraps to gather my photos per week and add some text.
I had a blast doing the covers with various product from my store.

Here is a collage of my 52 weeks, 1 picture a day! ( a few missing – 4 only I think over the whole year *yeah to me*) 1 week has more photo, because it was a really important week for me: my first trip to USA) and I needed more “space” to blah blah blah about it and me being alone all that time lol)

I started this project with a bunch of awesome ladies, in my previous store, sadly the store closed but I kept doing the photos, and eventually finished the year.
I am SO glad I made it to the end… when I started I thought it wouldn’t not last more than a couple of month … and look I MADE it!

My tips for completing the project is to make sure that you are not cumulating more than 2 weeks of photo before putting them in a layouts, because you will forget the little details you can speak about, at some point, when I was not able to scrap I was emailing me a few line each days to be able to remember what I wanted to say.


In a previous life, I have been running a communication agency in France, designing, magazine, flyers, ads and stuff like that for various companies, at this time I was already using Photoshop…5 I think.

By moving to Iceland I went back in my former university background, marine biology, but kept doing some freelance web and Poster designs. I believe I have always been a crafty girl (Birthday or Christmas card, decorated gift, Fimo Clay or knitting etc. etc.) After my daughter was born I had to do “something” with the photos… and bim bam boum .. Hooked on digiscrap I became.

Quickly I started turning into template, my layout, to offer on my blog
Everything comes from there, for a couple of years I was a “freebie” maker, and one day, a dear friend of mine in the digiland invited me to join her in a new shop adventure. She convinced me, and well here I am!!!! I am glad she did and proud that she trusted me and my creative juice.

I am still scrapping a lot. In early 2013 I printed the 2012’s Album… It was 100 Layouts!

Hum… I don’t know! I cannot name what inspire me… During the day I can have many ideas popping up in my mind… by browsing the net, looking at my kids, visiting different kind of craft places (online or not).

I got an Ipad for my birthday, and I think it is becoming the largest collection of image and doodle I’ve ever had. For each project I have a text file linked a list of idea, element, link or I images to feed the project.

But not all arrive to my computer, and even less in my “in progress” folder. I may (or not) open my “notebook” one evening and read those notes… I pick one project that speak to me… and start from there.

But I also LOVE working on collaborative project, it is really stimulating and all the ladies I worked with have inspired me in my designer life.

Well I work on a laptop, a Toshiba one, on Windows 7. It has a quad Core system and a dedicated graphic card and 8Gig of RAM at the moment.

I am not using many programs, mainly Adobe Creative suite, Artrage and a few others such as a font viewer and a brush viewer extractor: ABRmate (which is a freeware)

Camera: Oh there we are… Well I am a Canon Girl. For a long time, was written on my digiscrap forum profile, instead of location “rebel girl” because I was using a Canon Rebel 350. Since my Hubby (bird photo addict) upgraded his equipment I got “his” (which is mine now) Canon 450D.

My fav lens is my 50mm for all kind of photos and the 18mm for landscape and my 100mm for macro (that is a long time I haven’t take off my 50mm though).
But I also use my phone camera and now my Ipad.

But I am not taking as many photos as I was…*sadly*

Anything Else: Oh yes, I have a graphic tablet: Bamboo (Wacom) which I haven’t use for a while since I got the Ipad, and I can doodle on it in some awesome Adobe App in vector format.

When it comes to digiscrap there is a thing I really keep in mind, and it is “preserving the memory”. (Memory can be photos, of course, but also feelings (good/bad) and words and moments…)

I want to make Layout that people will look at and feel my emotion. I want my Layout to show the moment (the story) so I scrap as I see/live it, and I want my Layout to look “realistic” and so I am taking good care of the shadow-ing work.

When I use photos in a project, I, most of the time, will use blending mode. That doesn’t mean I always blend photo into papers, but I also use it to “blend” the photo on itself (duplicate the photo layer) to give it peps, by mainly using “multiply” “screen” or “overlay” and then adjust the opacity. I think It make photos looks much better (and so my LO too).

When it comes to shadows (and it ALWAYS) come to shadows, I am asking myself “how do the shadows of the frame/label /element look IRL? And when I need to try take a paper, get a flower and check how the flower shadow is casted on the paper.
There is NOTHING like “making in in real” to be able to make a digital project consistent.

Wow, my fav …it is Out of Comfort Zone. This kit grow up by itself taking me out of my comfort zone… at this time I never intend to produce product to work in some Artsy style like this. I followed my only line “make in pixel what can be in real, nothing more” … and let my inspiration talking me there.

Most of the ARTbook collections are really popular, but my ARTBook collection Expression of the soul has received a very special welcome from the digiscrapper.
It all started with a black board, some chalk and one 12×12″ digi newspaper. I just tried to give to the artists out there a chance to play, and let their creative inspiration lead them to a new playground.


Here are some of my favorite products by ValC:

Here are some more inspirational layouts using ValC’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

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