Opening pages

travel album opening page
Layout by Katie Nelson that will be used as the opening page for a travel album. Credits: Scrapbook Lady Structured template. Little Butterfly Wings So Far Away, Tracy Martin Traveler, and Kristin Cronin-Barrow Tropical Hideaway.


Many scrappers like to introduce their albums with an opening or title page. It’s a great way to set the stage for the stories that will follow. I love this clean and simple example from Tifff3fs.



This is a great way to define the topic of a mini-album. I love the way TaraMcK started off her summer manifesto project!

summer manifesto


It’s also a great way to explain the purpose, order, or meaning behind the album. Trina used this title page to share her love for her daughter and to tell her that it didn’t matter that the pages were not in chronological order. Love this!

explain the album


Even smaller segments in time or theme can have their own opening pages like craftytamm did. Try introducing a month, a trip, or a school year by using a title type of page. It’s a great way to keep a large album feeling more manageable!

introduce smaller segments


I especially love the idea of using a family tree page as an opening to a heritage album. It will help the viewer keep track of how everyone is related and meaningful. Dee Birks did a great job connecting all the relationships on this page.

family tree


You can even get ahead of the game and put together an opening page for the future. Tifff3fs must be very organized!

title page


Just like any great book, it’s nice to have an introduction. It helps prepare the viewer for the journey of memories they are about to embark on. Trina knows just how to set the mood!

2009 intro


Take a look through your albums and decide where you might want to add some opening pages. These type of title layouts also make great filler pages if you end up with an odd number of pages!

katie big