Create your own laptop & device skins

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I love that many online companies will let you upload your own artwork to create custom device skins! As long as you are simply creating a skin for your own personal use, most digital scrapbook supply terms of use should allow for this type of creation. What a fun way to use your supplies!

Of course, there are plenty of ready-made options out there as well. It’s so fun to make your gadgets unique with artwork that reflects your personality. My daughter was thrilled to order her favorite Monet painting as a laptop skin. We used and were very happy with the quality and service. They have skins for a variety of products such as; laptops, phones, tablets, and handheld game systems.

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Steph has used used recently (after Stephanie Haining talked about them on a Capturing Magic podcast) and thought they did a really great job with her iPhone case. They are Apple only products. Look at this fun case she made for her daughter!



Decal Girl has a really easy to use interface for this and even provides a video overview. You can even order skins for game systems and controllers! I haven’t personally used Decal Gal, but I have seen good reviews from some online friends who liked their products.



Have you ordered any skins for any of your devices? Do you have a company to recommend or any special tips? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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