Scrapping Two Pages at a Time: Two Page Layouts

It’s not a big secret that I LOVE two page layouts. My love for them started when I began printing my photo books at AdormaPix. The two page layouts look absolutely beautiful with the lay-flat binding and I can upload them just as they are, I don’t have to cut them apart. (Note: if you haven’t printed a book with AdoramaPix yet, be sure to use the exclusive coupon they gave our readers, it’s an amazing deal!)

Here are few of my full two-page layouts:

Template Janet Phillips, Libby Pritchett, Shawna Clingerman, fonts by Fontologie
Supplies: Template is Yin Designs; I don’t have the other supplies documented, if you know, let me know. Font is P22 Cezanne and Typewriter Scribbled

Supplies: Dani Mogstad template by Little Green Frog

I love how many photos I can get on a two page spread. I like being able to have a mix of really big photos and smaller photos. I also like that I can put some fun embellishments on the pages and everything doesn’t feel too crowded.

Recently, on The Digi Show, I was asked about my process for scrapping two-page layouts, if I scrap one side and then the other, or one layout that is 24″x12″ all at the same time. I am the queen of being lazy (or maybe it’s just making the best use of my scrapping time), so, even though I CAN use two 12×12 templates to create a two-page layout, it takes a lot more time. I LOVE designers that create 24×12 templates for me and that is usually what I use. I have a tag in Lightroom just for two page templates:

Then, I also tag them by how many photos they will hold. This makes it easier for me when creating layouts. I know that I can also put paper in a photo spot or two if there are more spots on the template than I have photos for.

When I’m ready to scrap, I work one of two ways:

1) If I’m just creating one layout, I bring the two page template into Photoshop and start scrapping, creating as if the two pages were one.

2) If I’m working on a whole album, I use Anna Forrest’s Album builder script. You can see a video of the script in action and my process of using it here.

The other question someone had for me on the show was what designers create two page templates? I’ve found that searching in a store on 24×12 will often pull up lots of results. Be sure to read the descriptions to make sure the template comes in one big 24×12 canvas.

We sent out a request and gathered up some great two page templates for you:

Yin Designs probably creates more two-page templates than she does single pages. Here are couple of her newest ones.

Traci Reed has this set that includes both 24×12 and 12×12:

Scrapping With Liz also has a lot of two page templates:

Maya DeGroot has some 24×12 templates as well:

Studio Rosey Posey has this template:

Katie has a 24×12 double page section of her store. Here are some of her most popular 24×12 spreads:

Janet Phillips has a lot of two page templates in her store:

Penny Springmann puts out a new two page template at least once a month:

Cindy has these two HUGE collections that contain 10 layouts in 24×12 files:

Misty Cato has a few larger templates as well:

Little Green Frog has a lot of 24×12 templates:

Studio Wendy has a few 24×12 templates:

Now, I’m going shopping! How about you?