Making Waves Using the Warp Tool


Supplies: Twitterpated by Meg Mullins

The warp tool is one of those Photoshop commands that I often forget to use, except for shadowing. It is a really neat tool though for so much more. For example, you can use it to create interesting curved shapes, which we’ll try together in this article.

Steps to Making Waves

1. Create a blank canvas and a layer that you want to warp. On this canvas, I have used the shape tool to create a blue rectangle layer and rasterized the layer.


2. With the shape layer active, go to Edit/Transform/Warp. The shape will appear with a grid over it now:


3. Pull on any of the little circles where the grid lines meet to warp the shape:


And that’s it! You’ve made a “wave”.


The warp tool can be used to create other fun shape, like this:


That sort of looks like the trunk of a tree, doesn’t it? Well, now imagine it clipped with paper and maybe combined with other warped waves, like this:


Supplies: Be by Micheline Martin


I can easily see this tool being used on digi pages to make them have motion and flow. I hope you have fun making waves using the warp tool!