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ideas for filler pages

It might seem odd to talk about filler pages when you so many of us feel like we are behind on any kind of page, but trust me, there will come a time when you need some help in this area. What is a filler page you ask? Let me explain…

When you go to put together an album or a photo book, you may run into an odd page that doesn’t have a good match. Even if you don’t organize your albums chronologically, this can still happen. Because scrapbooks and photo books end up being bound together in some way like a book in a bookstore, it’s good to have a beginning, and end, and some sort of organization in the middle. This structure can range from very loose and free (just put a page anywhere) to thought-out and planned to make sure every page is in it’s place. If you can’t figure out where I fall on this scale, then you haven’t been paying attention. lol! I think we all know that I like to plan things out!

I’ve been digi scrapping out of order for 8+ years now and I’ve decided it’s time to gather all my layouts and really get them presentable into albums with some organization. It really helps me to see my layouts visually in a computer folder and figure out which ones will be displayed together so I can see what “holes” need to be filled in. (click to enlarge the image)

pages in order

These are the layouts from the first few months of my son’s life. It’s really important to me to have them in order because they are telling a chronological story. However, I have not scrapped them in order and I’ve been getting pages printed out a few times a year so I already have all of these layouts printed out and put into an album. I’ve put them in the same order in the album that they are labeled here in the folder. It has taken me some time to get to this point, but I love that I can see where there are pieces of the story that still need to be filled in.


Most of the time, that blank page will be filled in by pictures and memories I just haven’t gotten to yet, but sometimes I just don’t have anything for that page. This is where “filler pages” come in. In this case, I only had a few other photos of my son around this age and there wasn’t much of a story to them – just him in his crib. I whipped up a quick photo collage using Pic Monkey and added a few embellishments and called it good. I already told the big story on the other page so I didn’t need a lot of detail.

08 left

One Little Bird Billet Doux


Now instead of page #8 needing an opposing layout to go with it…

needs opposing page

I have a completed set and that part of the album is done.

left and right

Collages are my number one trick for coming up with a filler page. I often will just fill a page with random photos from the time period, or theme in that part of the album and use that as the page I need. It’s a great way to use up pictures that might not have been included anywhere else in your albums.

Great resources for easy collage pages:


I still have more “holes” to fill in this album. Page number 13 needs something to go with it and all the surrounding layouts are part of 2 page spreads. I really don’t have many pictures from this time frame and I already have a lot of journaling done about my son at this age.


I just picked one of the photos that was already on the other layout and filled my entire canvas with it. It’s a page and it will look great next to the multi-photo layout. So easy!

1993 11 Alex overalls (2)_6828856922_o

Bebas font

Using a big photo as an entire layout is the easiest approach I’ve found to complete a filler page. Here are some great resources for big photo filler pages:

What if you don’t have a photo or any words to add, but just need another page? It happens sometimes. This is when I like to use some of my favorite tricks:

If you have some blank spots that are keeping you from finishing a project, I encourage you to try some of these tips for filler pages. They are quick and easy and will help you complete the stories you are telling. That’s really what it’s all about!

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