Optimize File Size


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Whether you use Photoshop Elements or full Photoshop for your scrapbooking, you’ll know that there are seemingly dozens of ways of accomplishing the same task.

Let’s take saving a layout for use on the web. For years, I used the save-for-web dialogue box, and played with a quality level slider bar to get the file to the right size for posting in the galleries. It was finicky and took a relatively long time to accomplish such a simple task.

Then, one day, I was in a forum, and somebody mentioned the “optimize to file size” option in the save-for-web dialogue. I searched, found it and I was hooked! It’s a timesaver that resizes the layout to exactly the right size in a couple of clicks.

How To Use the Optimize to File Size Option

I’m going to work with this finished layout as an example:


The image size in the full-size, layered file is:


Reduce size

By going to Image>Image Size, I reduced the size of my layout to these settings:


I chose 600×600 pixels because that is the size supported by the galleries I use. The resolution of 72 is the standard web resolution.

Flatten Image

Flatten the layers by going to Layer>Flatten Image.

Sharpen For Web

The reduced resolution and resizing adds a bit of softness to the image. I use a commercially available sharpen-for-web action by Totally Rad to add back some crispness to the image. You can also check out this article for sharpening for the web.


In the File>Save for Web & Devices dialogue box, you’ll see this:


In the very top, right-hand corner is a tiny little down arrow and block of lines. It’s very easy to overlook. But, if you click on it, you’ll see this menu:


Click on the Optimize to File Size… menu option.

Since most galleries require images to be under 150 kb, that’s the file size being used here:


By clicking OK, Photoshop will select the image quality level that will be as close to 150 K as possible.


Select save and save the web sized version to your folder.

I scrapped and saved-for-web for years without knowing about the Optimize to File Size option. I relied on playing with the quality value while keeping an eye on the file size. But, the Optimize option is much faster and easier. A simple trick worth passing on!

Now time to upload to the galleries!