If you see me running – call the police

If you listen to The Digi Show or Capturing Magic Podcasts,  you know that I hate to work out! I have a bunch of funny memes on Pinterest all about my dislike:

I also joke that the only time I work out is when I’m power walking through Disney. That is, until I got a Fitbit! Something about that little thing, is extremely motivating to me!  I love that it has a sense of humor and will greet me with funny sayings. It makes exercising seem SO EASY! It tracks how many steps I take, how many flights of stairs I go up and down, how many calories I burn, and so much more! I regularly get 2-5 miles of activity in just by doing the things I need to do around my house, running kids, running errands, etc.

It has apps for Android and iPhone and will sync up (once paired) anytime I open the app and it is near the phone. No hooking up, connecting, or anything else. Through the app, I can also enter in the food that I eat and track calories. I don’t do that, but my sister, who is diabetic does and loves it for that.

I earn badges and my little flower grows each time I make goals. I get emails congratulating me on my badges, etc. If I wanted to, I could set it up through IFTTT to post my badges earned automatically to social media (but, yeah, I’m not going to do that…lol).

I guess maybe what I love the most about it is that I can see that I am getting exercise without even trying, much of the time.  Who wouldn’t love that!?