Made with Over

A few weeks ago, I saw Jack Hollingsworth (Photojack) post some photos on Instagram with fun text overlays and tagged #madewithover. I went to work to find out what that was and found that it was an iPhone app called Over (simply enough). Because I’m a little geeky, I always read the release notes for apps to see what has been added, fixed, updated, changed, etc. (and I love looking for update notes that are written with a sense of humor).  I was really excited to see in the latest (at the time) release for over, they had added the ability to import fonts from your computer to the Over app, WITHOUT syncing!! WHAT!?!?

I got to work testing it out and it did not disappoint! I have downloaded and played with lots of doodle-adding apps and this is my favorite! It has a lot of goodies included (especially fonts) and the doodles are pretty amazing.

Until Monday, the app is FREE to celebrate 5 years of the app store AND they have made several in-app purchases of additional fonts and doodle packs FREE as well.

I installed some Mickey Mouse dingbats and a couple of other fonts before I realized that I had my very own fonts I made years ago, that I could install! Wow!!

Here are a few of the images I had some fun working with:

Word Art in the Over app "Words of Inspiration" pack by Kyle Steed
Word Art in the Over app "Fresh Exchange Pack" by Megan Gilger


Made with Over App and Printing Primer and Candy Script Fonts
Made with Over App and Howie's Stamps (one of my own fonts I installed in the app)

Installing fonts is super easy!  Just add the fonts you want to use to Drop Box or Google Drive. I used Drop Box and that’s what these instructions are for. Then, in Drop Box on your device, tap the font:

You will see the download progress bar and then something like this:

Tap on the “save” icon in the lower right corner and then you will see something similar to the following (it most likely will not be the same):

Tap on the “Open in Over” icon. You’ll get a message that the new font has been loaded.

One of the things I am MOST excited about Over is that they are going to be launching a marketplace and people can submit their artwork and fonts to be included. I want every digital designer to do this!!!  I would love to open my over app and download collections by 50-100 of my favorite digital designers!

What digital designer’s art would you want to see in this app? It’s a little mind boggling!