a mid-year check in

so far

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The year 2013 is officially more than halfway over now! This is a great time to take inventory of your memory keeping goals and projects and evaluate what you want to be focusing on for the rest of the calendar year. It’s also not too early to think about holiday gifts (I know, I hate bringing that up now!) because if you want to make a big project like an album, photobook, or keepsake calendar, that will take time and planning.

You may not even remember all the goals you set back in January, or perhaps your needs have changed since then? Don’t let all that weigh you down, just start fresh today and think about what makes your digi scrapping meaningful to you. Do more of that! Here are some resources to help you out:


Project 365 and other ongoing photo projects

Did you have every intention of taking a photo every day this year, only to quit by late January? You’re not alone! Any ongoing project is difficult to stay with, especially something that requires and every day commitment. I have successfully completed 2 full years of P365 (a photo every day) in 2008 and in 2012, and both times it was really difficult to see it through to the end. I am so proud of myself for both of these year-long achievements though and I will always treasure the results. If you are still taking a photo-a-day, I hope I can give you hope and encouragement to finish out the year strong!

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If you have let P365 or another long-term photography project slip through the cracks, don’t beat yourself up. I have started and abandoned more photography projects than I care to admit. I don’t feel too bad about them though, because even if I only have one picture as a result of trying something new. That’s a wonderful thing!



If you’ve lost interest in P365 or another long-term photo project (like photographing flowers, food, etc.), think about a new approach. Practice your photography skills and use different angles, filters, or whatever else you can think of to add interest. Or maybe it’s simply time to move on to another subject. It’s also ok to take a break!

Here are some great links to help you with your photography projects:


Pocket Style Scrapping/Project Life

A lot of scrappers start the year off planning to document the everyday with Becky Higgins’ Project Life system, or other similar pocket scrapping approaches. After committing to do a certain number of layouts or pockets each week, it’s easy to find your motivation fizzling about this time of year. Don’t worry about following certain “rules” or requirements, just have fun with the easy format of pocket scrapping. Even if you’ve missed several weeks, or even months, just pick up where you are now and don’t worry about filling in the holes.

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Or just use some random photos and journaling cards to represent the time you’ve missed and go on from there.


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You might even considering changing your focus to something less chronolgical. Gasp! Yes, it’s totally fine to do that mid-way through the year. Smile


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Inspiration to keep you going:


Not caught up

Every year, I trick myself into thinking that I can get “caught up” on all those pages in my head, and then when I realize it just can’t happen, I get a little discouraged. Sometimes we set unrealistic goals with the best of intentions. The middle of the year is a good time to re-evaluate what you really want to accomplish with your memory keeping.


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Ask yourself some questions…

  • Would it be most helpful to spend some time organizing your photos and files?
  • Do you really want to put together an anniversary album for you parents?
  • Do you have a child who will be entering college in the fall?
  • Are you ready to tackle some of your own childhood memories?
  • Do you want to give photobook gifts for the holidays?
  • What about just taking the time to enjoy the simple act of scrapbooking?

There is no right or wrong answer here, it’s just an exercise to get you thinking about what you want to spend your time and energy on. Ask yourself what is important to you about documenting the memories around you and make a plan to enjoy that approach. Remember, it’s ok to not be “caught up” and to have fun in the process!