Creating an easy Instagram photo book for a teenager

instagram photobook

This was the easiest and fastest scrapbooking (or should I say photobooking?) project I have ever worked on! If you’ve listened to me on The Digi Show, you will know that my life has been out of control busy the last few months as we have been moving to our newly built home. When Steph asked me if I would put together the photobook project I told her that I had brewing in my head, part of me wanted to say “not now, I just can’t do one more thing!” She assured me that I would be surprised at how quickly I could put together a book using the AdoramaPix site and I decided to trust her and give it a try. Now if I can put together a fun little album like this in the middle of unpacking a new house, then I really think anyone can do this kind of project!

Getting Started

adorama choices

I logged into the photobooks area of AdoramaPix and chose to “create a book”. Then I selected the custom cover and the square format. For this project I used a 6×6 Washington Square size, but it would also work well in the 8×8 Union Square size. Due to the smaller size of Instagram photos, I don’t recommend a 12×12 album for this type of book.

I selected a book of 38 pages and I ended up using 125 photos for the book (including the ones on the front and back covers). To keep things as easy as possible, I selected a pre-designed theme under the photography category called “Cameraphone White”. I love how it was designed to use with smaller resolution photos!


I could see right away what this type of book would look like with the preview image shown with the design.

sample phone art album

Here’s the coolest part of all…I didn’t have to hunt all over for photo files to upload. I just chose to import photos from Instagram to use in this album. If I was accessing my own Instagram photos, I would just enter that account information. Because I wanted to use my daughter’s Instagram photostream, I did need to ask her to share her password with me. If you wanted to do this as a surprise gift for someone, that part could get a little tricky and you might need to just upload images from files on your computer. If someone didn’t want to share their password with you, they could change it temporarily while you worked on the project.

import choices

After you’ve connected to the Instagram account, you are all ready to go!

Putting it all together

This is where it really pays off to use a pre-designed theme! All I had to do was to drag the images I wanted to use to the corresponding spaces. For the cover, I picked some of my daughter’s best shots and titled the spine with “Instagram Volume 1” and added her username.

layout of covers

You will notice in the menu bar below the cover, that there are several page designs to choose from. I played around with many of them, but I decided that I really wanted to stay simple. I used the layout that was similar to the cover design, plus one other design and just alternated them throughout the book. All I needed to do was to rest my mouse over an image and pop-up text guided me through the rest.

drag to rearrange

To move layout designs to a different order, just drag them to the spot you want them to be.

changed order

Once I had the pages I liked in place, I just used the copy and paste feature to fill in the rest of the album.


I also used the mirror spread option to change the orientation of the pages throughout the album. It was an

easy way to make it more visually interesting.


Let me show you a few pages to illustrate what I did:

opening pages

summer 2012

good eats

December memories

I only added minimal text to the album, but it is possible to see the text that the Instagram user added to the photo by hovering over the photo while it is in the work space. It would be fun to add those details in for journaling!

see titles of photos

I didn’t worry about staying chronological on the order of this book. Instead, I grouped similar pictures together by themes or even by randomness.

She loves Christmas!


and food photography


and she also just takes random pictures. Isn’t that awesome?!

random shots

How long did it take?

Because I didn’t have to go hunting for photos to use (her entire Instagram feed was imported for me) and I didn’t have to make a lot of design decisions, this book came together very quickly. How quickly? Well, it only took me 45 minutes from start to finish to complete the entire album and I have never used the AdoramaPix website before. Seriously! In fact, it took me a lot longer to write this post than it did to put together this album.

My order said that it would take 4 days to process + shipping time, but it actually was a little shorter turnaround. I’m sure a lot of that depends on the amount of orders they have to process plus the shipping location.

processing time

How did it turn out?

After Steph has been raving about AdoramaPix books for several years now, I’ll admit that I had very high expectations. I was a little worried that they wouldn’t live up to all the hype. Um, I had no reason to worry at all! You really can’t explain how beautiful these books are until you hold one in your hands!

capturing life on instagram

The covers are sturdy with great binding. These really are books, not just flimsy pages being held together by stitching. I love how thick and luxurious the covers and pages feel! They also have a pearly luminescence that is subtle, but beautiful.

teen pages

The pages are sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about them tearing or getting damaged when people look at the album.


The lay-flat binding truly lives up to it’s name! No distracting seam down the middle!


The colors, tones, and vibrancy, were all superior in quality. In fact, I was even a little surprised at how amazing these little Instagram photos looked when printed out in this book. They really are little pieces of art!

The real test came when I showed the finished album to my daughter. She was absolutely thrilled! She’s already working on photos to fill up Volume 2 in a series of many books to come.

holding the instragram book

A few final thoughts

  • If you have any questions or if you feel at all uncertain about the process, there are step-by-step tutorials right on the AdoramaPix website.
  • Read through the FAQ section to learn more about how these books are made.
  • Don’t forget to check out Steph’s post from yesterday to see more photobook inspiration and don’t forget about the amazing AdoramaPix coupon that is an exclusive bonus for Daily Digi and Capturing Magic readers! Huge thanks to AdoramaPix for a 40% off 8×8 photo book coupon code. You can use for as many books as you would like, as many times as you want until it expires on November 30th 2013! Here’s the code: pxmagic40

You can do this!

Don’t let lack of time or fear of the unknown keep you from putting together your own masterpiece. You can let AdoramaPix do all the heavy lifting while you get to do the fun part. Remember, I made this album in 45 minutes in the middle of unpacking a new house. It really is that easy!