Getting to know Proust



Heddy told me about Proust several months ago, and I’m still enjoying the entire site so much! I love that this simple web tool inspires me to tell my own story and also gives me an easy format to share the memories with others that I love. Best of all, it’s FREE!

proust getting started

What is Proust? is a place for families and close friends to share the stuff that really matters. Proust is a private place to capture our life stories, thoughts, and aspirations to spark meaningful conversations about who we are. was inspired by the 19th-century writer Marcel Proust, author of Remembrance of Things Past. Proust also became associated with a popular ice-breaker parlor game, now known as the
Proust Questionnaire.
Here you can send questions to your family and friends, discover their life stories, and get to know them better. On, it all starts with a question.
(except from website)

When you log in to, you will be greeted by a question. You can answer it and add as many details (even photos & videos) as you want to. You can also choose to skip that question or even work on a different one.

proust questions


You can really start anywhere in your story – no need to be chronological!

proust choose a chapter


If you want to share your story with others, you can invite them to read what you’ve written. You can even ask them to answer some questions!

share proust


You can even make your story viewable to the public, but I’m just going to invite my family to view mine.

proust privacy


I love that you can print out a PDF version of your story when you are ready!

print a pdf of your proust


It’s simple, but it would be such a priceless treasure to share with your friends and family!

Katie story Proust


Be sure to customize your settings to find out when your own friends and family update their stories. You can also receive a weekly email question to keep you going.



The more you write, the more complete your story will be. I’m especially excited about the timeline feature!

proust timeline


Enter some locations to generate a map of your life.

map of your life


I’m not sure a lot of people know about the Proust by Year section of the site. If you click on a year, you can find out some of the world events that happened then and even read some public stories relating to that time.

proust by year


As you can see, there’s a lot more to Proust than just answering questions. It really is an amazing memory-keeping resource and I hope you will all take some time to document these kind of details for your own life. It will be so meaningful for you and for those that you care about!