After Downloading


Supplies: Believe in Me by Angie Kovacs

I think we all have a different way of doing things, even something as simple as downloading a kit. 

When I download a kit, I download into a “New Goodies” folder. Then I run the UnZipThemAll extractor program on all the zips in the folder at once. I have the program set up to automatically recycle the zip file once the contents are extracted. Whether or not to keep zip files is a personal preference. I have been deleting mine for a long time and have never once regretted it. It frees up so much space.

At this point, I create a “top folder” called “Designer Name/Initials – Kit Name”. More often than not, the name provided by the designer is just what I need. My organization program, ACDSee, has issues with very long file/folder names, especially as you get deeper into a folder structure. So, for designers with long names, I use just their initials.

I always take a minute to organize the folders the way I like:

  • Papers
  • Elements
  • Alphas
  • Others (templates, fonts, etc.)


Then I get the large kit preview and I save it to the top folder. I use Windows, so having a JPG in the top folder makes that image appear in the folder icon, like this:


I don’t like a lot of “nested folders”, so I bring everything up into the top folders. It looks like the folder organization image above.

Then I go through each of these folders and delete all of the:

  • Extra previews
  • Terms of Use (TOUs)
  • Banners
  • Links to stores
  • Thank you notes

These files can really add up in size, especially in multi-designer collab kits.

Then I move the whole kit into the designer’s folder in my scrap supplies directory and tag the preview in ACDSee.

Lastly, I back it up via my online backup and onto my 2nd EHD.

It take a couple of minutes for each kit, but I think it’s worth it because each kit is quick to find and the folders make it easy to work with the kit.

What steps do you take when you download a kit? Do you do something similar or very different?