My life with boys – fitting in the pinks and purples

I’ve come a long way since I started digital scrapbooking back in 2009, even further since my early paper layouts back in 2003. One thing I noticed in my scrapbooking was the absence of feminine touches. My life has changed a lot since having my children. My life is filled two boys and lots of denim, and reds, blues, yellows, stripes, solids, plaids. No frills or lace, no pinks or purples, well sometimes purple because Ian’s favourite colour currently is purple. So a touch of purple. I’m naturally drawn to yellows and oranges, turquoise and apple greens, I love stripes and plaids and that’s OK. Lately, especially when there are so many cute and pretty collections out there, I’ve wanted to put a softer touch to some of my pages.

To satisfy this need I have in this world of mine filled with dirt, construction vehicles, monster trucks, computer games and mechanics I decided to jump in and bring in a softer touch with a doily here and a splash of pink there.

First I started with these layouts of my garden, I’ve really started to get into gardening over the last two years and what a perfect opportunity to play around.

Then the challenge of scrapping about yourself, I’m a woman, so of course it can be a little… girlie.

Last and my biggest challenge yet, bringing into my life with boys and their pages.

I try and keep the more feminine elements soft and simple so they don’t overwhelm the page. It’s a little liberating to know I don’t have to tweak every kit I love because it contains pink, purple or even flowers, hearts and butterflies. Here are some more examples:

I hope you join me and start using the pinks and purples. Enjoy it and have fun with it.