What’s the big deal about Comic Sans?

comic sans

Several months ago, we were joking about Comic Sans on The Digi Show and my mom asked me “what’s the big deal about all of that anyway?” She had seen some of my pins on Pinterest about using Comic Sans, but really didn’t know much about why so many people don’t like that font. It’s really just a matter of font snobbery, but there is a backstory involved.

Six Revisions reports that Comic Sans was created by Vincent Connare in 1994 for Microsoft. It was originally designed to be used with Microsoft Bob, but it was completed too late to be included in the program.

The font was based on lettering from comic books Connare had in his office….According to statements from Connare, he never intended the font to be released for general use, and only designed it to be used in comic-book-style speech bubbles within MS Bob.


With the release of an updated Microsoft windows in 1995, Comic Sans became the default font for Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Internet Explorer. No wonder if got overused!



When Microsoft released the font, it showed up everywhere and it has become one of the most hated fonts among designers.

comic sans wanted poster


Even today, it is still a widely used font across the world. What was intended to be a font for cartoon speech bubbles has made appearances on greeting cards, business correspondence, and all over the internet. You can find many examples of Comic Sans in everyday life in the Comic Sans Flickr group and you will find the font being made fun of in online memes and humorous websites.



This public service announcement poster made me giggle!



It also helped me find this great site that explains some of the misuses of Comic Sans. It’s a great link to send to an “offender”.

comic sans criminal


I guess that’s why it’s so fun to pin silly signs like this one!

loses their wings


So if you ever find yourself feeling tempted to use Comic Sans, hop on over to this site and print out the pledge. lol!

comic sans pledge


Or maybe you could just create a layout all about Comic Sans instead! Smile

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