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I have loved Libby’s designs for a very long time now and I am thrilled to be welcoming her back to The Digi Files! I know I can always count on Libby for bright, bold, heartfelt designs! There are several of her kits that I find myself falling in love with each time I see them and srapping with her goodies is always fun. It was interesting to me to read through her explanations of the roots for some of her kits. I find her designs are ones I can relate to on an emotional level; if you listen to The Digi Show, you will know that’s true when you see the title of her contribution! Let’s take a closer look at “Be Awesome” that is included in The Digi Files this month:

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Libby Pritchett’s contribution:

Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Be Awesome by Libby Pritchett; Fonts: Jailbird Jenna, Inked Gods, LD Twilight.
Layout by Ronnie. Supplies: Be Awesome by Libby Pritchett; .
Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Be Awesome by Libby Pritchett; .
Layout by Rachel. Supplies: Be Awesome by Libby Pritchett; .
Layout by Anne. Supplies: Be Awesome by Libby Pritchett; Fonts: Courier New.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
Hi! I’m Libby, and I live in Wichita, KS with my husband of almost 3 years, Jeff. We are the parents to 2 awesome teenagers, Kendra & Rhys, as well as quite possibly the cutest 1 year old on the planet, Chloe.

We have a really unique living situation as I work from home full-time, and Jeff, retired from the Air Force, is a full-time college student. So, we spend a lot of time together as a family and wouldn’t have it any other way!






It isn’t often that I find the time to scrap these days, but every once in a while, I just have an idea that I have to get down on paper. The kit that I used in this layout, Like… Ever, was actually designed with my oldest daughter in mind. Once the kit was finished, I just knew I needed to scrap a photo of her with it. She lives with her dad so that she can finish high school in the town where she grew up, and it kills me. We have a great relationship despite the distance, but I just really needed to document how much I miss her.

One of my favorite things to do with title work when I scrap is to create “stickers” out of the fonts for my title or subtitles. In this particular layout, I used the font KG Strawberry Limeade to type the words “this girl.” I clipped one of the solid papers to the font layer. Then, I selected the font (ctrl + click in the layers palette), added a new layer beneath the font layer, then chose SELECT > MODIFY > EXPAND and expanded the selection by 15 pixels. I then used my paint bucket (alt + backspace) to fill that selection in the new layer. Finally, I clipped a white solid paper to that layer and added a drop shadow to give it the sticker effect.


I started paper scrapbooking in 1998 after my daughter was born. I was hooked instantly and ended up working with several paper scrapping companies and magazines before deciding that I wanted to attempt digital scrapping in 2006. I had recently gone back to work full-time as a dental assistant, and I needed something a little more streamlined for my limited scrapping time. I honestly didn’t think it would replace paper scrapping for me, but boy was I wrong!

After digi scrapping for 2 years, I decided to try my hand at designing because the hours of my full-time job didn’t allow me a lot of time with my family. I was fortunate enough to have a designer friend who held my hand through the entire process. She answered all my questions and helped me learn to design. I went out on a limb and left my full-time job to focus on designing. I was thrilled to open my very first store at Sweet Shoppe Designs just 2 months after starting my first kit. I’ve been at Sweet Shoppe almost 5 years now, and I truly can’t imagine being anywhere else. The girls there are like family to me, and I am so blessed to call it my digi home.

Like many other designers, I’m inspired by the world around me. Most of my kit ideas though, start with a fun kit name. I look to song lyrics, movie lines, and pop culture references to find that jumping-off point for my kits.

Computer: I have a PC with Windows 7 64-Bit. My husband built this computer for me in 2011, and it’s a monster. I have 16GB of RAM and a 23″ monitor.
Program: I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 as well as Adobe Illustrator CS6.
Camera: Most of my photos these days are taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII), but I recently dusted off my very old-school digital SLR. It’s a Canon 10D that I’ve had since they first came out probably close to 10 years ago. It still takes beautiful photographs!
Anything Else: I do use an old Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. I’m hoping to upgrade in the near future!
One of my favorite things about Photoshop is that you can create shortcuts for functions you use regularly! My poor husband learned this recently when he was working on a project late into the night when I was already in bed. The next day he told me how he spent hours doing this one particular thing over and over, and I said, “Why didn’t you just create a shortcut?” Poor guy! He had no idea! To create a shortcut in Photoshop CS6, go to EDIT > KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (alt + shift + ctrl + k), and choose the function that you’d like to create a shortcut for. Once you’ve found the function, just press the key you’d like to have associated with it. If that key is already assigned to another function, you’ll be given the option to override it or choose another key. This is something that I use just about every time I’m in Photoshop!

Loser is a kit that’s very close to my heart because my weight is something that I’ve struggled with all my life. I created this kit when I was on the brink of making some serious choices about my health and lifestyle. I chose some of my favorite colors (orange!!) for this kit because I wanted it to be personal and motivational to me. This is one of those kits that I could see in my head before I ever started creating it, and it turned out exactly like I envisioned. I love it when that happens!

I think this kit really embodies what I think of when I try to define my design style. It’s filled with bright bold colors, clean graphic patterns, and just an overall “happy” feel. For this kit, I knew I wanted to do something different than the traditional pink & red for Valentine’s Day, and I’ve been hooked on the rainbow color scheme. This was probably the most fun I’ve ever had creating a kit, and I think it shows. I wish they all came together this easily!


Here are some of my favorite products by Libby Pritchett:


Here are some more inspirational layouts using Libby Pritchett’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.

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