Sharing The 411 on Adobe Creative Cloud and New Features

We talked last week on The Digi Show about Adobe Creative Cloud, the new changes, and the impact it could have on digi scrappers. We talked more about it this week (that show will be released tomorrow or Thursday).  In a nutshell: Adobe is moving their Creative Suite of products to the cloud in a subscription based format.

More on the subscriptions at the end of this post, but one of the things that has been lost in all of hullabaloo about the subscriptions, are the new features that were announced. Remember my post about why I don’t delete photos and the video I shared about upcoming Adobe technology?  It’s HERE (click through to site to see videos):

Here are few other features in Photoshop CC I think digital scrappers will LOVE:

  • editable rounded rectangles (you can draw the rounded rectangle and then change the radius on canvas, without having to redraw it)
  • the ability to edit multiple paths at one time
  • improved anti-aliasing options for type (yay!)
  • conditional actions (these use if/then statements and this will be BIG if it works like we are hoping)
  • intelligent upsampling (resizing an image up without losing quality)
  • Upright Tool that will automatically straighten photos

Here’s an overview video that includes a few examples:

If you would like to read about the new features in other programs, here are some resources:

What does Creative Cloud mean?

The Adobe Creative Cloud products will no longer be sold in boxed sets (as individual products or as a suite). If you want to use Photoshop, you will have to subscribe.  There’s a lot of information out there on this topic, but I found this post by Scott Kelby to be the most helpful and factual (including cost analysis to see if it’s right for you).

I’ll be honest and I’ve been on Creative Cloud for almost a year now and really like it, but I use multiple Adobe products (three on a regular basis). I mentioned in The Digi Show that the only time it’s been a problem for me was when I was sitting on a tight deadline and for some reason, it was saying my payment hadn’t gone through, so it wouldn’t let me work. My payment had gone through and after several closing/openings of the program and a restart, it finally started communicating with Adobe and I was able to finish my work.

I have seen a lot of unhappy digital scrapbookers that use Photoshop and only Photoshop and don’t want to subscribe because they will end up paying more. I think we will see some digital scrappers that will downgrade to Photoshop Elements. I also think we will see some scrappers that will upgrade to Photoshop because the monthly payment is much easier to swallow than a the larger cost to buy it outright all at once.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what Adobe does and how they respond. If you are one of the scrappers that is outraged (or just upset) by this, there is a petition on that you can sign.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, but please be nice, it’s not my fault. 😉