If This Then That

A long time ago on The Digi Show, Peppermint’s pick was If This Then That, IFTTT.com. I loved the idea of the site, but didn’t get around to using it until a couple of weeks ago. But once I got in there, I thought, “Once again, Peppermint’s pick has changed my life.”

With this site, I can set up just about any action to occur when triggered by an event. So far, I’ve set up:

  • having an email sent to me when someone posts on their blog, (that doesn’t have an email subscription available)
  • having a text sent to me when I get an email from a specific email address
  • having a post made to my Capturing Magic Facebook page WITH a picture in it when a new post is made on the site

Some cool things that can be done with IFTTT:

  • if I post a new photo to Instagram, have it sent to DropBox too
  • text me the weather every morning
  • save any Instagram photo I like to Evernote
  • back up text messages to Evernote

You can find recipes people have created by browsing here. What about you? Are you using IFTTT? What are you doing with it?