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Food and eating are a big part of every single person’s life. We all have to eat and because it is something we do several times a day, there are usually plenty of food-related routines, preferences, and memories just waiting to be documented. Think about what most of your most memorable events have in common – there is usually some sort of food involved!

How to Scrap about Food

Photograph the common, everyday meals in your life. What dishes do you make the most? What are some of your specialties? What kinds of foods do you eat a lot of?

regular meals by Katie

Layout by Katie


What are your favorite foods, special treats, or culinary addictions? These are part of your story!

addicted by Trina

Layout by Trina. Credits:Java Junkie – Micheline Martin, Roughly Blocked Alpha – Kaye Winiecki, Sedum – Sara Gleason


strawberries by Trina

Layout by Trina. Credits:Strawberry Sundae kit by Ziska, Mask: Background Masks 1 by Scrapping With Liz, Font: CK Neat Print


Food can tell the story of your heritage or culture. Be sure to scrap about the local cuisine of your area, and also include any traditional dishes that are part of your life.

Simple Scrapper Template Oct_2011 - Dianne Rigdon designs Allegiance

Layout by Ronnie


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Layout by Ronnie


Where do you go out to eat? What are your favorite restaurants and what do you order when you eat out? It’s easy to pull out a phone camera and snap a few photos before you dig in. My kids have learned that I usually like to photograph anything pretty before they eat it and they patiently wait. There are a few restaurants that have gotten fussy about people taking pictures, so if you aren’t sure on the policy, it’s probably best to ask.

pizza lover by Katie

Layout by Katie


food to go by Katie

Layout by Katie


I especially love to document what we eat when we are traveling. Part of the adventure of going somewhere new is to be able to try different cuisine!

crab pot by Katie

Layout by Katie


Bretzen Boy by Ronnie

Layout by Ronnie


Where do you purchase the food that you eat? Scrap about your local grocery store, or specialty shops such as bakeries or farmer’s markets.

cupcake wars by Katie

Layout by Katie


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Layout by Ronnie


What kinds of foods do you eat for special occasions or celebrations? Parties often center around themes that are carried out in the menu.

fairy tale party food by Katie

Layout by Katie


What foods are associate with certain events? Movies and popcorn, birthdays and cake, baseball games and hot dogs, are just a few that come to mind.

ballpark by Katie

Layout by Katie


What about the preparation process? We spend a lot of time in the kitchen putting together what we are going to eat. Detail the steps that it takes to make something delicious.

angel food cake by Vicki

Layout by Vicki. Credits: One Little Bird-Star on Top Ali Edwards-Memory Life Lines


waiting for cookies by Trina

Layout by Trina. Credits: Kitschy Kitchen – Boutique Cute Dolls and Forever Joy, Template freebie – Little Green Frog Designs, Noteworthy Alpha – Micheline Martin


Not everything is easy when it comes to food. Many of us have allergies, weight issues, or other related problems. Don’t forget to document the difficulties as well as the fun stuff!

food issues by Katie

Layout by Katie


Helpful resources for digi scrapping your food

We have several great posts here at The Daily Digi that will help and inspire you with your food layouts:


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Of course, there are plenty of great food-themed designs out there in digiland to help you make the most of your delicious memories! (all images are linked)



buon appetito




feeling hungry wimpy chompers






fries with that




food for fans




lickin the bowl






sushi bar






clever monkey food




I hope you will take out your camera next time you sit down to a memorable meal and have fun documenting the food in your life!