Designing Creative Titles


Title credits are Lovin’ From the Oven by Chelle’s Creations

I think titles are one of the hardest parts of any scrapbook page:

Where should I put the title? How big should the alpha be in relation to the overall design? Do I mix fonts and alphas? What’s the perfect, catchy phrase?

Luckily, the Daily Digi has put together quite a few articles about title work:

A great way to find new titling techniques is to find inspiration. Here are a few pages that inspire me:

Mixing Alphas


Cindy Schneider can do titles like nobody else. Just go study her whole gallery and you’ll leave with tons and tons of ideas. In the page above, she mixings a sticker alpha, a dot alpha and a stamped letter alpha. And it looks amazing together!

Let’s see what she did:

  • All three fonts contain some white.
  • The majority of the title is in UPPERCASE and the last word is in lower case.
  • The “helper words” are the smallest and the main words are roughly the same size.
  • The title is at the bottom of the page and accented with arrows to draw attention to it.

The Colour Black


Nicole’s page shows that using a black alpha creates an instant focal point – the word RENOVATION is the first thing I saw on this page due to the visual weight of the colour black and the size of the title.

Template: Daily Goodness by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs<br /> Love is a Journey by LDrag Designs<br /> Add-ons from Don't Bug Me Lady by Erica Zane<br />

Lindsay’s page also shows that using black, even on a smaller scale, helps to create a focal point.

A Title That Contrasts with the Journaling Font


I love how Myra’s title is so simple but so effective. With her journaling text in a plain san-serif font, a title in a thick script is enough to set it apart from the journaling.

Tag Title


Beth used an easy and effective trick: Look for a tag or other word art that will work with your scrapbook topic and use it for a title. This is the perfect trick, especially for those time when the title just isn’t coming together easily.


Angie also used word art to build her title. The best part about this trick is that it will work cohesively with your scrapbook kit since it is a part of it. Excellent!

I hope you found some ideas to help with one of your future scrapbook pages! Have a great day!