Have you ever wondered why we keep it a surprise?

the digi files are a surprise

From the very first time The Digi Files were introduced, we’ve had a very fun and unique way of revealing them each month. When the new files are ready for download on the first of each month, we don’t post all the previews here – it’s a surprise for our members as they go to open each one of the 7 collections included in that’s month’s set of Digi Files. Have you ever wondered why we do it this way?


the first digi files

When Janet Phillips founded the site back in January of 2009, she had a vision that we still follow today. These are her exact words from the very first month of The Daily Digi’s existence.

Each of included designers have created something special just for THE DIGI FILES. These products (mini-kits, element sets, etc) are new and never-before-released.  The hope is that you can safely and inexpensively try new-to-you designers as well as stock up on stuff from your tried-and-true favorites.  We worked hard to bring you a range of styles and stores and we hope that you will be THRILLED with your purchase!

We won’t be showing you the contents of THE DIGI FILES right away (that’s part of the fun!)  However, throughout the month that TDF are available, we will be spotlighting the individual designers. You will get to know a little about them, about their work, AND you will get to see what they contributed to TDF. So, if you are unsure about buying “sight unseen” you can wait and watch throughout the month.

More than 4 years later, our members still love the surprise each month! Many of them call it “Daily Digi Day” or say it is like having birthday presents to open each month. We would never want to take away the fun of that!


waiting for the digi files to be revealed

We don’t post the Digi Files previews until each designer’s special feature day. This gives our readers a chance to see each collection on it’s own and get to know the designer who created it. Even though I have already seen (and scrapped with most of) the contents of the files well before the month begins, I really look forward to these feature days. When I read about the designer and see all the great layouts from the team, I fall even more in love with the kits and templates. It’s such a fun way to keep the excitement of The Digi Files alive all month long.

It’s also a great solution for those who don’t like surprises. All they have to do is wait for some of the reveal posts to see if they want to buy the files. Once they have seen one or two collections that they like, they already know they will get way more than their money’s worth! Each kit included in the files is the same value as the price of the entire Digi Files. Oh, and the playbook alone is well worth the cost so it’s a win-win no matter what!

To keep it fun, we kindly ask everyone not to share previews of the kits on blogs, pinterest, or anywhere online until after the reveal date for each contribution. That keeps the original intent behind The Digi Files in place and helps us feature and honor those designers who have contributed their amazing talents to make the files a success!

There would be no Daily Digi without The Digi Files and we are so grateful for the designers and for our members who make this magic happen every month!

katie big