Making It Look Like Paper

Layout by lynnettew from our Flickr Group

We’ve had some requests recently here and on The Digi Show to give some tips for things that make a digital scrapbook layout look like paper. We have a lot of tips that will help you have people saying: “Is that digital, or is it paper?”

One of the biggest things you can do to create layouts that look like paper, is to master the drop shadow:

Here are some other techniques that will help create the paper look:

Let’s Look at Some Layouts

Notice the shadow on the string in this layout by trickynag makes it look like it is furthest away from the bottom paper layer:

Cardinalskate did a great job shadowing the acrylic on this layout. Acrylic can be pretty tricky:

Notice the great layering on this layout and the different depths created with the shadows:


This layout also creates some really great depth with larger drop shadows on the larger elements that are further away from the paper:


Notice the depth of the leaf on the left created by a lager drop shadow:


Have you found some techniques that have helped you create paper looking pages? We would love to hear about it in the comments!