How to capture and document the things people say

capture and document the things people say

One Little Bird Designs stay tuned journaling card. Another Typewriter font.


My favorite way for recording something funny someone said is to share it on a social media platform. A few weeks ago, I overheard something my son said that totally made me laugh. I used it as a facebook update and I got a lot of fun feedback from several friends who got a kick out of this:


It doesn’t matter that I didn’t have a photo to go with this post. I can always use this on a page without a photograph, or I can add it as journaling to any layout I want. Even if it only stays on Facebook, or my blog, or is shared somehow with friends or family, it still counts as being documented!


I also use Instagram to record these type of moments as well.

document funny things with instagram

Adding a quote to a picture as you are posting it, is a great way to keep that memory alive. I like to do this with Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and even in emails to friends and family members.


I think the most important part of documenting the everyday things that are said, is to have a quick way to jot it down. You can use a notes app on a smartphone, keep a notebook handy, use a voice recorder to make notes, or share something online. I wish I had been able to use technology to do this when my kids were younger. Thank goodness I’ve some easy ways to document our lives over the past few years!



It’s easy to think you will remember these words later, but you will probably forget. I’m so glad I took a quick minute to post this silly moment so I could have Alex’s exact words captured and documented. I had totally forgotten about this until I read back through my status updates.



Keep your eyes open for opportunities to document the words that people say. My daughter thinks it’s hilarious to call me “Katie Pants” and now that I have a picture of this sign, I will always have that phrase recorded and shared. I didn’t need to write down her quote, she did it for me.



What if you’ve missed those opportunities in the past? It’s never too late to start. Make a list of quotable material that you remember and save it to a word file or share it in a blog post or online. I immediately thought of this memory and decided to finally write it down even though it happened more than 19 years ago!


Some things stay with you for a long time! Winking smile

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